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Question for the men about our man parts.

Asked by LoadingMyWaterGuns (56points) September 2nd, 2010

This is about my testicles.

At random times I experience a small amount of dull pain that is very reminiscent of “blue balls” (roughly one quarter the level of pain, i.e. annoying, but I’m not in agony. Also, unlike BB’s the pain {dull ache to be more precise} often ceases within 15 minutes). It seems to only happen in the left one. The strange part is I’m not sexually stimulated at all when this happens, much less “backed up”. Could this be a symptom I’ve never heard of for nut cancer or some other health issue? I am going to see my doctor next week, but in the meantime I thought I’d see if anyone here has heard of or experienced this.

I am in my late thirties.

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If there is a lump on one testicle, that would be causes for concern. But, to be safe get a check up.

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yeah, that sounds odd. should tell a doc about that soon

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It could be a symptom of an infection in the vas deferens. The sporadic nature is strange, but that could be one cause. Have you been with any new partners recently? See a doc.
Edit: Also, I was surprised to find out, the tough way, a lump isn’t always cancerous. Got one, scared the hell out of me, and it’s calcium.

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Don’t miss your appointment, is about the only advice I can give you. This could be virtually anything, from nothing to a dreaded something. Good luck, and God bless!

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Assuming the left is the “low rider”...I have felt similar instances of discomfort which I am pretty confident were from wearing boxers (no support) and or after vigorous exercise specifically during or after running. Riding a bike long distances also at times would cause discomfort as well and always in my “low rider” only!

You are in that age group prone to testicular cancer and do the self exams regularly and DO see the doc about this either way!

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Cruiser had a good point. Are you a biker?

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I’d ask Shilolo – who’d probably suggest to see a Doctor – there’s just so much that can be diagnosed in a fluther question.

Or ask Doctor D if Doctor_C isn’t available.

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Take charge of this and see your doctor ASAP. If you don’t have a doctor then go to an Urgent Care (Doc in a box). Don’t let your doctor tell you that it is nothing or to just wait to see it it clears up or gets worse. Ask for a referred to see a urologist and then demand it if you don’t get one.

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The same as @Cruiser

I had this too, turned out to be support related….. I would often get this after strenuous lifting in my job as well as in the gym :-/

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Of course, see a doctor ASAP.

That being said, there is a the cord that runs to your testicle known as the epididymis. There is a condition known as epididymitis that is basically just an inflamation of the epididymis.

Wearing tight pants or siting in a way that binds your testicles up can exacerbate the condition.

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Yeah! that’s it… couldn’t think of the name ;-)

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Yep, I had a couple of bouts with this in my teens.

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Yeah ditto, I often get this when driving long distances… fortunately these trips are few & far between now’a days.. The tight pants in my teens almost ruined me Lol.. So much for fashion :-/

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I have seen a number of people question if you are a bike rider. I have had similar problems days after a relatively short ride of about 20 miles. I got a new anatomical seat and the problem has gone away.

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Doc suspects it’s from a lack of support, i.e. going commando is a bad idea, long-term. His prescription: wear some damn tighty-whitey’s.

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In the infamous words of Kramer of Sienfield fame:

“My boys need a house!”

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