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Which is the best music file sharing software program?

Asked by mary84 (570points) September 2nd, 2010

I’ve used Spotify and FrostWire for some time, but I listen to a lot of trance and electronic music and many artists are not available on those. So can someone recommend something else? Anything? I’m not good at these things

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I prefer BitTorrent

But there’s nothing like going to your local music store or Amazon to buy a physical CD or vinyl record. Scientifically the audio doesn’t sound a whole lot better; however the overall experience is amazing compared to the pirated music which you put absolutely no hard work into obtaining.

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I use Bittorrent for everything. There is a bit of a learning curve but you want stuff for free.

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I have a feeling BitTorrent won’t be around forever. Demonoid and The Pirate Bay are some of the only major search engines left, and even they have been experiencing legal issues recently.

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I’ve made something which is available temporarily over here, which is based on YouTube. Considering how many trance/electronic artists promote their music through uploading to YouTube, a lot of those will be available. (Though I’ve noticed that e.g. Armada Music includes a little advertisement audio clip in front of their tracks, so it’d be more like the free version of Spotify in that regard.) You can’t download from there though (even though there are a few sites that let you download music from YouTube videos, but that’s not permitted by YouTube’s terms of service).

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@Vincentt Great work! Is this an implementation of’s API?

I believe the original poster would like to download the tracks, but still…

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Hmm, it’s down, have to investigate that…

@Vortico Part of it – searching for tracks is done through, and you can browse the playlists that are exposed through the API. And of course scrobbling :) I mentioned it because @mary84 mentioned the use of Spotify, which doesn’t really allow for downloading either. Plus, I might one day at “buy now” links :)

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Id say stick with Frostwire. its worth the download and very under the radar, since limewire is the more popular one. its cleaner, less viruses, and dosnt slow ur computer down like limewire does. never gotten one virus from it, and chances of getting caught if u wanna download illegal files are very slim. theres always that risk with anything but this is the least of it. AND if you really dont wanna use it anymore then go with Piratebay. risky, but easy and has everything

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@That0neguy01 – Frostwire uses the same protocol as Limewire. Indeed, it’s an open source fork of Limewire derived from Limewire code. Both use the Gnutella network, and as such is just as on the radar as Limewire.

@mary84Soulseek is good (sometimes very good) for electronic music.

As with any filesharing thread, you should know that it’s probably illegal to download music in your country (Spain and Canada being notable exceptions). I take no responsibility for the RIAA/BPI/whoever coming abseiling tthrough your windows at 3AM ;)

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@That0neguy01 He’s right. FrostWire is exactly the same as LimeWire in every issue you named. They have the same number of viruses since they are both clients of the Gnutella network, as @the100thmonkey mentioned.

Other methods of stealing music are Usenet, Rapidshare, and removing the magnetic tag from CD cases in the bathroom and stuffing it in your purse in order to walk through the security system at the front of the store. (No, I’m not recommending this. I’m simply giving you a perspective on what you’re doing while still answering your question.)

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@the100thmonkey Many thanks for your tip, Soulseek was great, best source of electronic music I’ve found so far

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@Vortico @the100thmonkey Well i can say ive gotten numberous viruses from limewire, and it crashed my moms computer some how, also made it rly slow, whereas frostwire has never given me even one problem. idk, maybe theyre both the same but ive had alot better experience with frostwire

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@That0neguy01 I do agree with you in the FrostWire/LimeWire debate simply because I prefer free, open source applications over proprietary software.

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