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I need a good software program to download music on my macBook, i do not care if i have to pay for it?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) September 18th, 2008

i just want it to be good and reliable, to download music, any ideas?

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Rhapsody, or the obvious choice, iTunes. (I think Rhapsody is better though)

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well, i obviously have itunes, but i would preffer not to pay for every single song that i download, some kind like limewire buy not so bad for my baby..

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Rhapsody, deezer, all stream songs (Rh is a paid subscription but allows downlad to a compatible media player). Rhapsody is IMO the best value.

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i searched for Rhapsody and it says it is not available for Mac?

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That’s not entirely true…it streams via a web browser, but you have to install the plug-in for it to run. To download to media players, you need a PC or run Windows on your mac (the app that allows downloads to a media player is win only). To buy DRM-free mp3s from Rh you can do from either Mac or PC.

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what about Amazon?

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You can buy DRM-free MP3s from Amazon.

Illegally, music blogs and a Rapidshare account are working for me lately.

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Those 2 are by the same developer that created Newsfire rss which is probably the best news reader I’ve used for OS X. He also made Inquisitor which is nice too.

I personally would rather use transmission as far as torrents go, but yeah.

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I use Get Tube ( which downloads the soundtrack of youtube clips (or the video of you want). Only rarely I can’t find my song, & usually there are even live performance versions. Quality is usually fine.

If you look well you may find tools that rip music from streaming services such as deezer, as the music streamed is actually being downloaded behind the scenes to your computer. For windows there’s Superzilla (, if you have parallels/fusion, you can use it there.

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Arrr! Fer streaming tunes on yer Mac Audio Hijack will shiver yer timbers.

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tWrex has the correct answer if you want to get songs for “free”, otherwise I agree with wenbert

thetmle's avatar & Transmission (my preferred method)
Acquisition (
Limewire (

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