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I upload alot of videos to youtube and they always take forever. Is there away I can make them upload them faster?

Asked by musicislife75 (97points) September 2nd, 2010

I upload alot of videos to youtube. Is there away I can upload them faster?

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Try compressing them into a lower quality. HD videos are huge files, so compressing into 420p or thereabouts can save you a lot of bandwidth.

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@FireMadeFlesh how do i compress them?

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I don’t have a YouTube account myself, so I am not entirely sure how to upload videos or if they have to be in a specific format, but I find this free converter to be valuable in compressing the video files I have on my computer. Check it out and see if it helps.

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Sounds more like your internet connection. How are you connecting to the net?

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there are a few ways to make your youtube upload faster. the first is to connect to the internet via an ethernet cable. Don’t go wireless. Wires are now and probably always will be faster than wireless. Second is to use a smaller file. Usually you can use a program like windows movie maker, or even iMovie, and when you export the file you do what’s called a quicktime conversion (on macs), or select an upload or for web option (on PCs). The last time u used an old version of windows movie maker, there was an option to set the file size that it would be saved as, i can’t remember where in there it was. Try that it should help. good luck

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