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What is your favorite coffee and why?

Asked by cityshark (100points) March 26th, 2008

Describe why your favorite coffee is so great; mild, bold, sweet, sparkling, smooth.

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A latte I make myself with: Pilon espresso coffee and fresh skim milk. I use 3 shots of coffee in 1 1/4 cups of milk. the finished product is very strong, and smooth. Absolutely no bitterness.

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DD blueberry coffee. Its like a treat for me, I love the blueberry flavor!

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I am not ashamed to admit that I stop by Starbuck’s (or as some people call it, Charbucks) often for a Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte. I really enjoy the taste even if the coffee is a bit burnt tasting.

Other than that, my other favorite coffee is Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco – the only place where I can order a latte and not feel the need to use sweetener. It’s not too strong or bitter (which is what I don’t like about Peet’s Coffee).

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What’s yours, Cityshark?

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Italian cappuccino.
It is so great because I cannot start the day without.
(I live in Italy at the moment) ;)

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Dunkin’ Donuts – oh, how I miss it since I’ve moved to California… You can order it online, but there’s nothing quite like walking into a DD store and getting a piping hot coffee in a styrofoam cup… =)

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qashqai: lucky
Do you drink lavazza?

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My favorite is Starbucks Sumatra. It’s bold and yummy! When I go there I always get a triple venti latte. You know, that sounds really good right now…

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black Highlander Grogg. Its amazingly good. Anyone else ever tried it? Actually, has anyone ever tried the actual drink Highlander Grogg, not the coffee? Cuz thats amazing too.
Btw, hehe888us Blueberry coffee sounds delicious! where do you get that?

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Ya, qashqai, the cappuccino I had in Italy was what got me really enjoying coffee – so smooth and yummy and a little sweet yet interesting. Very comforting and nice – it can help create a very relaxed morning. I haven’t had luck reproducing that in the USA, so I like huge latte’s with sucralose or sugar, or just dark smooth coffee with milk and/or cream (and sucralose or sugar). Sometimes I venture into vanilla. Actually, also cold or iced coffee the same way, or mostly cold milk and some cold coffee with sweetener and perhaps vanilla.

Blueberry tea I’ve had – very good. No Highlander Grogg though – sounds like… an experience.

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For all the dreamers that do not want to settle for an “average starbucks not even close to coffee” experience, I would reccomend to buy an Italian coffee maker (that looks more or less like that – shouldn’t be that hard to find), then warm a cup of milk possibly not using the microwave, shake it to make it creamy with a milk frother (even easier to find) and add it to your cup of coffee.

Lavazza sounds good, not really the best but two thumbs up anyway.

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The earlier version – coffee

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Torrefazione Perugia Blend Coffee

Its full bodied coffee with a great aroma and smooth taste. They used to have Torrefazione Cafe’s across the US before they closed them down and Starbucks acquired them. This blend of coffee was used for their espresso at the cafes. I drink it every morning.


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@qashqai ~ mine looks similar, also a Bialetti, but stainless steel instead of aluminum.

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I live in what may be the greatest city ever, Minneapolis. Why so great? Because we are blessed with a great system of natural food co-ops. And in these co-ops one may find Peace coffee—roasted with care, fair trade, organic and delivered when possible by a person on a bike. Mind you I will drink any of their coffees, but my favorite is a kick ass French roast. Yummy!

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Kona Coffee, from Hawaii. Sometimes it can be hard to find, but the best latte you’ll ever have will be made from Kona espresso.

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Gevalia Coffee

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@dvchuck ~ I love their hazelnut

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nothing with wierd flavors. french press coffee with cream, no sugar, or a latte made with whole, organic milk.

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I also like Kona.

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I love fresh expresso and any and every drink that revolves around that. I drink lattes, cappacinos and macciatos. I enjoy a smooth and mild breakfast blend coffee from Latin America, but I still like bold coffees too like bold darker roasted coffees from Asia. Someone else told me that Italian coffee was amasing. I still have never tried any Turkesh Blend coffees either. I guess the grinds are so fine that it’s almost like a thick dark syrup that lies at the bottom. You can stay up for days.

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Costco’s mocha freeze: delicious and only $1.45. :-)

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I left my favorite cup of coffee sitting on the counter when I left for work this morning.

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I just found an awesome coffee drink for those days I don’t feel like whipping out the Bialetti. I found it at Target’s register aisle cool case, it’s made by Caribou Coffee. They have 3 different flavors. Iced Coffee Plus Espresso is tasty.

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Funny story: once I ordered a Red Eye (small coffee with a shot of espresso) and then my friend ordered a double shot and they accidently put them together. I drank it anyway and… well I felt like I was stoned. Very strange day/night. Turkish coffee you have to try at least once, and yeah, its like syrup or even tar at the bottom. good stuff though.

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I’ve heard the Red Eye called a Deprh Charge before.

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its not coffee but I adore vanilla chai almost better than anything else in this world.

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I hate making typos. Earlier I meant to write “Depth” charge. Not whatever my fingers managed to poke.

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blue bottle they are locally roasted beans in oakland their website is awseome and they will deliver to your door

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I like Eight O“Clock coffee from Kroger. It is cheap, but it is so rich and yummy.

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To buy as per cup: Tim Horton’s
To make at home, beans from: Karma Sutra (I forget the specific blend), though 100% Columbia will suffice.

I don’t like the heavy roasted flavour of Starbucks or the insipidly weak concoction that most restaurants provide. And I detest the addition of any flavours other than cream.

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Yup, Kona coffee from Hawaii is the best for me. But now that I can’t find it, the Ethiopian Sumatra is great…my son works at Starbucks…happy am I!!
I’m a one cup a day person, so it has to be good!
I put international delight in it, now it’s the chocolate mint mixed with Irish Creme (Cream??). Now that’s a good mug of coffee!

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Mocha espresso with a dash of whole milk. Strong, rich, smooth and frothy.

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Yep, Kona is my favorite, if you can find it unblended. In Hawaii, it’s everywhere. I like it because it’s a lighter roast. I think there’s more of a kick to lighter roasts.

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