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With world hunger and famine, global warming and war/terrorism, don't you just feel stupid sometimes about fighting and arguing about stupid trivial things?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) September 3rd, 2010

Yet we continue to do so, why is that?

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You have hope of eradicating or influencing the stupid, trivial and mundane. The other things are always with you. Then again, so are stupidity and triviality.

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Not really. It’s the small everyday things that life is mainly about. Big bad things don’t stop life from carrying on as usual.

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Eat, drink, and be stupid, for tomorrow we die.

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I don’t mind the trivialities of living to be honest. For me, those are what make life so interesting. The big bad things are supposed to happen to remind us of the world around us and also, especially the personal big bads, like say, the death of a family member, they help define us.

And after big bad things, I find arguing about stupid things to be kind of a relief.

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I’m with @NaturallyMe on this. I would probably be in a catatonic if global disaster was the only thing I focused on. Normalcy (including petty bickering, sometimes) helps us deal with the big stuff by distracting us and allowing us to process in our hind-brains.

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As long as those things don’t affect us trivial thing is still arguable. Lets say,most people in Africa are threaten by famine outbreak,it’s a serious problem but it won’t affect the debate/argumentation about the best perfume brand in US.

Every issue has its own place,and not every issue are related one and another. There are many problem to discuss in this world,each people all around the world have their own specific problem,regardless of the seriousness of the problem.

And beside,no one want to bother to think/discuss about something that has nothing to do/won’t have actual affect on themselves.

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@Doctor_D Yes, it’s easier to not be concerned with something all the time if it doesn’t directly affect you in some way.

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It’s all a matter of perspective. Sure, the things going on in our everyday life may seem small compared to world hunger and famine, but the things in our life have their own merits. My husband leaving the cap off the toothpaste is small and trivial and not worth fighting over. Him spending all of our money for food on a new toy of some kind would be worth discussing and making a point about. Sure, that’s small compared to the world view of things, but it’s big in our own little world.

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@Seaofclouds In my life, it’s reversed, actually: I hate it when the shampoo and other soaps’ caps are left off – the aroma dissipates. When the toothpaste or other pastes’ caps are left off – they tend to dry up. Why do I always have to change the roll of toilet paper – and yes, it does have to face out – it just makes more sense thataway. But then I read Time, and another 72 babies (male babies, for God’s sake) were raped by whatever clan or tribe.

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