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Questions for editing, why edit if they will never post anyhow?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) September 3rd, 2010

Why do moderators send questions to editing they will never let see the light of day even if you edit them changing the wording or structure severely?

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I have had that happen to me. Good question.

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I’ve had that happen on occasion, but it happens after you’ve submitted it in a sucky form the second time. You’d think I’d have learned by now – nearly 700 questions (most of them crappy, but mod-proof, apparently).

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Happened to me this week. Actually two question…. My response to a question was deleted. It was the general section. I researched the internet for info. on melotonin and post it. I misinterpreted the question. They deleted it as being unhelpful. There was no misspelled words, not spamming, etc. My question that was never allowed was, “What criteria is used to determine if an answer is unhelpful?” The mods reason for not posting my question was, “I should have used the contact button and discuss it will the mods!” Well, I knew that, but I wanted to see what other jellies thought about this.

Bottomline, they make decisions on questions and answers that ONE person feels that is unhelpful. It is a subjective call. We don’t have to agree, but they run this railroad and they allow us to ride free. As they say, that is life.

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We hope the question will come back in a suitable fashion after editing, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. We try to work with the asker to get it there, but we’re not always successful.

@BoBo1946 As I’ve already explained to you, though your answer was about melatonin, it did not in any way answer the actual question that was asked. That’s what made it ‘unhelpful’. The reason your question was removed was because it was asking about that specific incidence of moderation… something that is best discussed directly with a mod. Also, we definitely do not make decisions based on what ONE person thinks. We work as a team.

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@augustlan My impression that day there was only one mod on duty. We discussed it in PM. There was some confusion on the decision, and she did say, will have to get with the Manager. She told me that the question had been deleted accidently. Then later, she found it. She was very nice about the whole thing.

I’ve seen so many answers in the general section that I didn’t think were helpful that were not deleted. But, that was just my opinion. The next person might disagree. My answer did give some good information on melotonin. You guys flagged it. I can live with that. In the scheme of things, not a big deal. @Hypocrisy_Central asked the question and this came to my mind. Nothing personal…just answering the question.

Also, thank you for clarifying how decisions are made on Fluther. It is a learning process for us. Discussing these issues is a positive thing. Personally, not trying to “suck up”, I think the mods here are excellent. When they make a decision, they do in a very professional way.

Btw @augustlan, also, thank you for allowing us to ride the Fluther train. I’m having fun here.

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The question for editing feature is to show us the reason why our question get moderated. I will expect them to explain why my question isn’t qualified to be posted,abandoning a question without any information about it is not better than dictatorism.

@augustlan Fluther train? But I never ride that before… Never mind.

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All aboard! Choo choo. :D

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I used to have a conductor’s hat – I miss it.

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If a question is tagged as unhelpful, wrong category, a non-question really or something nebulous like defuse, rambling, and such and you reword or even restructure the question but it still doesn’t pas muster I feel we should get that question back. As it is the question is not posted and it still counts. IMO we should be able to replace that question with another one.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I understand why you feel that way, but including moderated questions in the daily limit encourages members to put their best efforts into every question they ask, and to work on getting each question in shape to be posted.

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