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Care to share some photos that take your breath away (I need a little lift, today)?

Asked by Mama_Cakes2 (1446points) September 3rd, 2010

Beautiful, stunning and wonderful photos; please share.

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Flower Power – this is one of my favourites.
Butterfly Tree
Sunflower Fields

I used to have a link to a website full of nature photography, but I can’t find it among my bookmarks. If I find it, I shall return with exquisite photography.

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A stunning woman

A beautifully dreamy sky

An awesome beard

A gorgeous landscape

And another stunning woman for good measure.

I’ve always considered this photo that I took to be stunning, in a way, but that’s just me…

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Niagara Falls always takes my breath away.

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@downtide Wow that picture is…..breath taking.
If you want to see a to headed person and cats chasing big animals scroll up.

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@TheOnlyNeffie, oh! She’s classy. I like her :D

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I love this guy

Every picture at will make your day.

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@rebbel That picture of the beach reminds me of my childhood. I grew up in Lincolnshire and we spent many summer days (and winter days too sometimes) at Skegness or Sutton.

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Any photograph with Ian Somerhalder :P I currently have his picture as a background on my computer. But now I got a virus so my computer can’t start :/ and I don’t get to be excited about opening my computer to see him cause it’s virused!

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I just watched a bunch of Skegness photos on Flickr and i can see the similarities although there is no ferris wheel at the place where i took the picture.
And what a beautiful pier!

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Rocks by the Sound

Sea Grass

Safe Harbor

The Calm


For some reason, that first picture makes me gasp when I see it.

And some favorites from over the years.

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Ooh I say, jolly fine filly old bean! Nurse, nurse I can’t breathe…...;¬}

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@ucme, now THAT is cool!

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@wundayatta i love your pictures. Most of them anyway. You really can find beauty anywhere.

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What I do is go to flickr and do a search for my favorite subject.

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Thanks, everyone. :)

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