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What are Green alprazolam bars?

Asked by superjuicebox (383points) September 3rd, 2010

I’ve looked into this and everywhere i look, it says they don’t exsist (i am prescribed to Alprazolam just fyi ) the problem is, i’ve seen them in person !!!!! Does anyone know what they are, if they’re a higher mg(i doubt it since they seem to keep all bar forms at 2mg) or if they contain other substances in them ? Thanks !

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“Green alprazolam bars?” I’m not sure exactly what you mean by that. Alprazolam (a.k.a. Xanax) is tranquilizer and in the U.S. is a Schedule IV controlled substance. What exactly is a “green alprazolam bar?”

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@lillycoyote yes “xanax” is a brand name for the chemical alprazolam. I’m just wondering if it’s any different than the type i am prescribed, some one told me it had something else other than alprazolam in it. I can’t remember what it was though.

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@papayalily yeah i think those are what i saw. thanks.

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Alprazolam comes in 0.25, 0.5, 1 or 2 mg tablets. The Xanax brand has yellow and white bars,the green one with the imprint S903 is a generic made by Dava Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and is 2 mg.

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The only information I found, was that pills were referred to as ‘bars’ when they were being described by color and potency. Perhaps their word ‘bar(s)’ put a different image in your mind. Perhaps not.

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I imagine they are called bars because they are long and rectangular. As they are scored (to make it easy to reduce a dose per doc’s instructions), they look very much like little candy bars. They are still called tablets by the pharmaceutical industry.

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“bars” is just a slang term. Sorry.

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