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On average, how many questions do you "follow"?

Asked by mcbealer (10198points) March 26th, 2008

Do you keep all of the questions you’ve responded to active?
Right now I’m following around 54 questions and I’ve only been a flutherite since March 7. I’m worried that after a while I’ll just be looking at new responses to old threads… I guess I’ll have to eventually be more aggressive about removing questions I’m only mildly interested in.

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I don’t usually see a reason to drop them, so I keep them all active.

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I keep most active if I think they’ll be useful down the line. If I’m not interested in other answers I’ll drop them as soon as I get annoyed by updates to the question. No offense by any means, but I’m sure I’ll stop following this one.

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I generally keep following questions until the answers degenerate. Its happened on a few questions but actually not too many.

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yeah, Kevbo, I know whachamean.

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If a question becomes inactive, or has gone off topic and ended up either too silly or argumentative for me, I usually weed them out after a few days.

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I’m currently following 434 questions. We should probably paginate the “Questions You’re Following” page.

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I keep all of my questions active. Even if no one has responding in a long time, because sometimes 3–4 months down the road new people join fluther and go back and answer old questions so its nice to see their input too.

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@sferik ~ yes, that would be a great tool !

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I have only been on this site for a week if that. I am following about 20 or so. Not had the need to end any discussions as yet. I will make the most of it before I get kicked off!

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Good grief. Now I feel like an indiscriminate purger – I rarely have more than 4 or 5 going.

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I follow ‘em for three or four days…
And that’s only for maybe 4 or 5, eight or ten questions tops….
Or till the question dosen’t get any more hits, then I see no reason to follow…

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I have all of them, Some which get annoying, like that “What is Life?” question which has been active daily for about 3 months, get purged after a while. I like to follow the questions for a long time because it’s interesting how the debate changes over a long period of time…

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I follow all of them I have answered.

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All those that I’ve answered, except those that are way off topic or outdated. Those that I will not answer, that I’m interested in knowing more about. And several which I may answer later when I have time..

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