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Do you like a hot dog between your buns?

Asked by Ben_Dover (4208points) September 5th, 2010

…or would you prefer a hamburger or sloppy joes?
Maybe tuna or pastrami!

After all, this weekend will see more BBQing done than all the others combined!

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oh, my! Before I read the details I thought this was gonna be a completely different question. Bippee picks her head up from the gutter.

For the record, I do not eat hot dogs. I can’t. They are too gross to eat. I don’t care what brand, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, tofu…nada. No can do.

So, I would opt for a burger between my buns. Well done please with cheddar cheese & carmelized onions.

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@bippee I apologize if the opening was a bit misleading!

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A hotdog in her her buns would be better, not having that I would go for chicken salad with cheese…..ummmm.a great chicken melt.

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@Ben_Dover , well your question sure got my attention. Well done!

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I love hot dogs. I usually put chili and cheese on mine. I also really like cheeseburgers, so I could go for one of those as well. Pulled chicken and pulled pork is really good too. Hmm…. decisions. Now I want to go to Famous Daves for dinner…

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Nothing goes in or anywhere near my buns. I’m not a fan of hot dogs either.

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Nah, but will a little shih tzu! For the record, i’m a burger man :¬)

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@Seaofclouds Have you ever been to Pink’s Chili dogs? It is in L.A. they make the very bet Chili Dog in the free world!

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If I were to be able to celebrate this weekend with a BBQ for friends then I’d like to offer spicy cajun franks that are delicious without buns, lamb shish kabob and ground beef/lamb meatball kabobs. I’d also make bowls of potato salad, macaroni salad and fruit salad.

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@Ben_Dover Nope, I’ve never been over that way. If I’m every in L.A. I’ll be sure to check it out though.

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My head is in the gutter with @bippee. you guys should know that by now.

no dogs…cheeseburger…and i’ve had a brat or 2 in the past year.
You guys are makin me hungry…...
Enjoy the weekend, jellies!!

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A little misleading, asked by a Ben Dover… in any event – I never eat ‘em; I know what’s in ‘em.

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@Ben_Dover I’ve been to Pink’s! Delicious.

Pure beef hot dog is the way to go for me. I’ll have it with onions, relish, spicy mustard and in a bun, please.

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2 corn dogs w/mustard ooohhh soo delicious!!

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@free_fallin Omigod…I can actually taste that right now!

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@zen_ hahaha…good one.

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I like the Hebrew National Brand . I love a good chili dog between my buns. Messy but good.

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I would go for the cheeseburger ( with bacon) but would be happy with all the rest, too.

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