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Windows 7 experts - a video card question?

Asked by llewis (1457points) September 6th, 2010

I have two ATI cards – a 4650 and a FireMV2250 – on a Windows 7 system. I need the 4650 (pcie x16) to be my primary card, but whenever I install the 2250 (pcie x1) it becomes primary. I can set the monitor on the 4650 to be my main monitor, but I have to do that each session, which means the projectors attached to the 2250 MUST be on in order to log in to the computer – a real problem. The hardware is set correctly – the switch to the 2250 happens during Windows startup. Can anyone help? (Yes, if you saw my question a couple of weeks ago, I’m still fighting with this silly thing.)

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Have you tried swapping your gpu’s into opposing pcie slots on your motherboard?

Your Bios maybe detecting the 2250 as primary and win7 is just playing along.

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