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Any video card experts out there? (see details for problem)

Asked by llewis (1457points) August 23rd, 2010

I have a Windows 7 system with a Radeon 4650 (came with it) and a FireMV 2250. The 2250 needs to be the secondary (has two projectors attached), but every time I log out or reboot, it takes over and becomes primary again. I had it working at one time – I remember it took HOURS to get it right and I think it had something to do with re-installing the physical card, but I don’t remember. Someone messed with it (he SAID he only changed the screen resolution) and now I can’t get it back the way I need it. Does anyone know how to force the older card to be primary? When I first boot up the “starting Windows” screen comes up on the proper monitor, but the login screen shows up on the projectors. Thanks!

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The ATI control panel tools don’t let you select which card should be primary?

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There may be a setting in BIOS.

For example, here are the four possible settings for my Asus motherboard.


GFXO: VGA out port on a graphics card connected into a PCIE x16 slot

GPP: VGA out port on a graphics card connected into a PCIE x1 slot

IGFX: Internal VGA out port

PC: VGA out port on a graphics card connected into a PCI slot

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@mrentropy – yes, you can select it but the moment you log out it goes back to what it wants – which means I have to turn on the projectors in order to log in.
@jaytkay – I looked in the BIOS but didn’t see anything I recognized as being video, but I wouldn’t have recognized what you have given me as being video. I’ll take your notes and see if I can find something. This motherboard is ASUS as well, so hopefully I’ll find it. Thanks!

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