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How was your first day back to work/school? (for those of you who had the summer off)

Asked by Mama_Cakes2 (1446points) September 7th, 2010

I teach, and today was my first day back after a good two and a half months off. During the summer, I slept in and lived the life of Riley. This morning, I was to be out the door at 6:30 in the a.m. And do you think that I could get any sleep last night knowing that I had to get up at 5:30? I got a full hour sleep and, today, I am not any good to anyone. ;-)

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It turned out great although I didn’t sleep much last night from anxiety (mainly about getting enough sleep, ironically enough.) It was good to see people, I got a new interesting project and it felt surprisingly good to be back in “professional garb” so to speak. I had too much time in my own head this summer.

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We’ve been back for a month now, almost. The first day went well, but I’m still sleep deprived.
@Mama_Cakes and @janbb It is soooo hard to get back into the teacher routine after being off all summer, isn’t it?

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Yeah – I love getting up in the morning – even if I don’t sleep late – when I want to get up instead of when I have to!

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Today was my first day. I was all happy and excited until I found out my friend and none of my buddies are in any of my classes, not even lunch. And I don’t like any of my teachers. I am now begging and begging my mom to have me go to another class.

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My first day of school was fine. Most of the people who are now my close friends in my class are pretty fine compared to others.
They were totally the opposite of what I had thought of them.

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don’t go back till the 22nd

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I had my first day of classes today. Unfortunately, I have a cold so I’m not feeling too hot (pun?)... but I did like my psych research methods professor, and I have her for another psych course, so that’s good! My theology professor is this super old, overweight Jesuit and he made a few jokes about being fat and it was all good fun. He was a nice guy and seems like he has a ton of awesome experience. When I left, all I kept thinking is that he might die before I graduate and how sad I’ll be… morbid much?

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Today, as a student, I hate quite the dilemma, as today was also my first day back. I was torn between plaid pants, or dark blue. I wore the plaid pants….. With my plaid shoes….. And Neon Orange backpack.

“What’s the shirt?” you might ask. Plaid? Nope. An Ac/Dc sponsored Iron Man shirt. And not only that, but in class we were assigned to buy spiral notebooks of specific colors, and i asked if mine was ok, but was asked to show it to the class. I then proceeded to pull out my Batman, Superman, and Justice League comic based spiral notebooks for the class to see.

Overall…. I think it went well.

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It wasn’t too bad! (school). Though most of the day was spent going through the class rules. Now it’s been a week, and I am getting the hang of things, and other than getting up early, I am overall enjoying school!

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Oh I don’t go back until Monday, but I’m gearing for it. Getting up early, going to bed early, got all my teacher clothes and stuff in the forefront. But geez I’m gonna miss laying around and getting paid for it in the most beautiful time of the year. However, nothing is quite as sweet as the faces of the kids when they see you walk into the classroom.

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