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Do you drive for everybody on the road or do drivers have to drive for you?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) September 8th, 2010

Two kinds of drivers in the world: defensive drivers and nonchalant. I feel that every day when i get on the highway, surface street, road, whatever, that i am driving to protect “my ride” from somebody who is falling asleep, on a cell phone or just don’t know road etiquette.

Speeders, tailgaters, teens, seniors, people who drive like they are the only car on the road. Drivers who are unaware of their surroundings or the innocent needs of another driver to get on or merge or just, damn, get thru traffic.

are you a defensive driver? you have to drive for everybody? or are you on the road by yourself?

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I am aware of my surroundings when I drive simply because I would rather not die by the hand of another ;)

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I drive with the greater good in mind. If someone wants to go faster, I won’t get in their way. If someone gets annoyed, I don’t drive near them. If someone is driving slowly, I’ll sit back and follow till there is an appropriate opportunity to overtake.

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I drive like I wish I was the only car on the road! I also wish I could blast cell phone uses and especially texters right off the road!

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I am a defensive driver, I guess. There’s a ton of people our there who just have to push other drivers around and I won’t tolerate it when I’m driving.

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@py_sue yup, defensive driver here. i am constantly finding myself driving for other people, not fully understanding why they dont have a clue they are so wrong!

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I am a very defensive driver. I’m scared to death that some moron will kill me because they are too busy on their cell phone or fucking with their radio or feel the need to drive 30 miles over the speed limit and weave in and out of traffic.

Yeah. I’m defensive.

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scenario: traffiic backed up at a stoplight. i’m going the other way and need to make a left turn thru drivers blocking the intersection. I HATE THAT. but ok, one lane of traffic can see my need. the other parallel lane driver is totally unaware or just not driving for everybody. he refuses to pull up a foot or two to let me make my left turn. i mean, hey, i would.


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I’m a defensive driver as well. I don’t trust most of the other drivers on the road and sometimes really wonder how some of these people managed to get a license. There’s one stretch of highway nearby that seems to have an accident at least once a week. You would think the people that drive that road every day would know better, but they still drive like idiots through that area.

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I am the shepherd of the road – I’m trying to get everyone home safely, including myself.

I don’t trust anyone to do it for me or themselves. I assume they are all texting & drunk.

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I drive Zen-like, neither offensively nor defensively. Traffic flows and either fighting or resisting that natural fact are dangerous.

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Yeah, I drive for others because I’ve ridden with my children! jk There’s a stretch of road in a city south of me called the Deerfoot- accidents every day. It’s like a ring road only in the city with 60 mph limit and everyone doing more than that. It’s the scariest shame in my province.

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