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Have you ever had a miracle happen whether small or large?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) September 8th, 2010

Example it’s a miracle my husband took the trash out without being asked. It’s a miracle I walk out of that ALIVE. Can me tell me a miracle that has happened to you ?

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I consider it a miracle, that life has brought my family a block from where I live. Didn’t see that one coming…and, I am grateful beyond belief.

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The births of my son and daughter.

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@MissA you are lucky beyond belief and it is great that you appreciate it so much! Enjoy them!

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It’s a miracle I am still alive!

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Plenty of miracles.

The most recent, last week when I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and scared off a coyote that was literally on top of my cat as she ran.

One more second the fangs would have had her, she was soaked in coyote slobber with a toothmark graze on her flank!

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@Coloma Good Miracle.
@gailcalled Tough pregnancy?
@Ben_Dover What were you sick?

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@Frenchfry: The usual discomfort, but no morning sickness either time and easy labors until the last hour. I found being pregnant thrilling and then seeing my babies miraculous.

We had good sex, and then nine months later, these exquisite creatures appear.

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@gailcalled Well atleast the sex was good.LOL

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I’ve had many in my life.
I escaped an abusive father.
I had a rough pregnancy and my youngest & I both came close to dying.
Been in many car accidents where they said I was lucky to be alive.
Accident at work many years ago left me unconscious for 5 hours. Airlifted to a Trauma Center. The helicopter nurse and pilot both visited when thet found out I lived and told me it was trully a miracle.
Had 3 mild strokes and still have a positive attitude.

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@BratLady Holy crap! Brady… It’s amazing your alive. I am happy you are.

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