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Fashionistas, I'm looking for a stylish pair of specs. Suggestions?

Asked by Mama_Cakes2 (1446points) September 8th, 2010

My face would be described as oblong (rectangular-ish). Links would be lovely. This would be for driving and watching the tele.

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For sunglasses, I would suggest Black Flys

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You can never go wrong with secretary glasses.

Don’t let the price of these ones scare you – tons of people make this style with varying touches and in wide price ranges. I’ve never seen any face shape that these glasses don’t work on.

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Vogue actually makes a pair of gorgeous girly glasses.

I know b/c I have them. I do suggest that you not get them if you want progressives (more than one sort of lens in them.) The frames are small and smexy, but it’s hard to see, I’m told, if you try to put, like bifocals without the lines in the glass into them.

For shades, I’d suggest Ray Bans in nice, big, dark styles:)

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Aviod those with wide temple pieces. They severly restrict your peripheral vision, much like a race horse wearing blinders. This would be very dangerous when driving, walking, or living.

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Here is a pair for an oblong face. This site also has a face shape guide.

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For driving while watching the tele, only these will do.

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