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If you lost an eye, how would you rock the look?

Asked by ubersiren (15175points) June 22nd, 2010

You walk into a bar. The end of a metal bar. Right into your eyeball. Now you only have one peeper. Would you get a glass eye? Go full pirate?

I think I’d try to get the Elle DriverBuU7NJJEdEo/ShGHDogMTVI/AAAAAAAAAVk/7_n92BZK6JQ/s400/elle_driver_2.jpg look going on from _Kill Bill. I’d probably be just as bitter, too.

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Your link is messed up.

I’ve never thought about this… I’d probably just go for a glass eye. Or switch it up between a pirate patch and the fake eye.

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I’d definitely go for an eyepatch

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Arrow Shirt Man.

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I’d wear an eye patch.

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Glass eye and eye patch. The glass eye could be used to freak people out and eye patches look cool.

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There are some really cool glass eyes: vertical pupils, strange colors, etc.

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I’d have the eyelid stitched with visibly thick suture. Like this.

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I’d have various eye patches and bandannas to wrap around my eye socket to match outfits and hair. I’d have a black sparkly eye patch for formal occasions and get one of those little hats with an opaque veil to hang over my eye socket for costume parties.

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This question actually gave me the heebie jeebies. The thought of having a metal bar smashed into my eye was distracting enough to prevent me from coming up with a good answer.
I’d most likely opt for a glass eye.

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I would probably go for the glass eye. And I would pray it’s my left eye that I lost because I’m already blind in that eye anyway. If I lose my right eye I’m screwed.

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A glass eye of the same color.

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I’d just leave it open so I could put my gum in there while I eat my food only to reuse it later.

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I would have to say the glass eye, unless the surrounding tissue was so disorted that it wouldn’t allow for it

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I think a mini disco ball would be a cool look!

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Glass eye. You can’t tell they’re not real except they don’t move when the other one moves.

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A Frickin’ laser beam. Or at least a flashlight. If I’m gonna have an empty eye socket, might as well make some use out of it.

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Once I was involved with a guy who had a glass eye, and didn’t realize it until a couple of months into the relationship when I noticed that he turned his head completely to face me when we were in the car. It was that natural. So unless I wanted to make a fashion statement, I’d do what he did.

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I think I’d complement the look with dead fish and tarantulas!

I leave it to your imagination to figure out how.

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@eden2eve I actually know a girl who had one eye that was mostly paralyzed. She also would turn her entire head to look at a person next to her. Though it wasn’t a glass eye, 99% of the people who met her had no idea. And those who did only knew because she had told them. You make a good observation.

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Try out a bionic eye!

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I would get a glass eye Mad-Eye Moody style…except preferably way less creepy. Just one that could move all around and see everything like his, minus the metal frame and straps.
If that is still impossible by the time I hypothetically lose this eye, I would probably get a glass eye and/or rock a patch made out of cute fabrics.

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@Fly: Leave it in your will that you want to be resurrected when we have the technology.

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I’d have a custom made lava-lamp eyeball installed.

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I think you’ve all seen how I rock this look. At least when Fluther is broken, that is.

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I’d pass on doing the Sammy Davis Jr. and get an eye patch.

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A metal pole? Why not have it gouged out by a dagger? That happened to my character Jonathon. That way, there would be a huge awesome scar.

I’d probably keep it uncovered. When someone asks why my eye is closed, I’ll show them my eyesocket. Or, I’ll have my eyelids stitched open.

I might wear an eyepatch in the winter, so my brain doesn’t get a cool breeze.

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Some of the glass eyes are cool (like the magic 8 ball), but I gotta go eyepatch.
Full Rooster Cogburn, though Angelina Jolie looked awesome too.

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I’d get a glass one in my favorite shades of green.

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Eye patch. In different colours to match my outfits!

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I’d do some kind of Borg-look thing. Maybe with little flashing LEDs.

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I stuff it with assorted things, a barbie doll head one day, gummy worms the next, maybe a small magic 8 ball or a stuffed baby bird.

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I concur, that is bad ass.

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Gaping hole in my head.

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I’d fill it with raw clam.

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My late husband lost his eye when he was a young man and he wore an eye patch. I think that it was the right choice for him and he did not have any complaints about it except that he would misplace it. He would also wear sunglasses and in the event he had to remove them and did not have his patch with him and people would stare, he would always smile and tell them that he was winking at them. He did not have a glass eye just a plain ball to help keep the eye socket correct.

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