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What is the best gift you have received? Why?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) September 10th, 2010

I was looking at the worst gift list and it was bumming me out. It’s Friday, it should be a more upbeat day. So, lets go with something positive. What did you get that really made you feel good?

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Any gift is the best gift.

It is a gift.

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@ChazMaz That’s why I couldn’t come up with a worst gift. I got a 18 inch tall stained glass chicken from my grandmother one christmas. The thing is hideous. I kept it and I still laugh when I see it because it reminds me of her.She had the worst taste in gifts ever. I wish she was around still to give me something even more hideous.

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Its the love not the gift (object).

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@ChazMaz Couldn’t have said it any better.

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I assume you mean something tangible and not the gift of life, love, etc.

A couple of years after Dad passed away, Mom had is wedding band cut in half and made into a pair of half-hoop earrings. The one with their initials and wedding date engraved was always worn in her left ear because it was “closer to her heart.”

A couple of years ago, she confessed to us that she lost one of the earrings. After I became engaged, I asked her if I could have the remaining one to use to make a wedding band for my fiancé, and she said that she would think about it. The next time I went home, she said that she checked with my siblings, who gave their approval, and handed it to me. It was the one that was engraved.

Since they had such a loving marriage, it sort of feels like a symbolic good luck charm for our future happiness.

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The question is as wide open as you or anyone else wants to make it, but wow! That is such a beautiful thing. You’ve made my week.
Edit: And you don’t know what a lousy week it started out to be :)

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I agree with @ChazMaz—every gift is the best in its own way. But one that I especially treasure is a birdhouse custom-built for me in the form of my little 2-story house. It sits on one of my bookcases, and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

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The best gift I ever got was knowing that a gift I gave was genuinely loved by the receiver. Sounds corny, but I swear it’s the truth. As for those objects I’ve received, the most beloved are those that were crafted by the gifter or were treasured “hand me downs” from the gifter (a la Pied Pfeffer’s lovely story).

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@picante The best gift I ever got was knowing that a gift I gave was genuinely loved by the receiver.
I completely agree with you. I gave a niece a fondue pot, and about 4 months later, she sent photos of a party at her house where she and a group of friends were clearly having a ball using it for a chocolate dessert.

The best tangible gifts are those given by someone who knows what another likes and doesn’t give something because they like it. When it comes to giving gifts, The Platinum Rule should be applied.

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A trip to Egypt
Why? Cause it was a trip to Egypt! Best gift ever!
2nd : Diamond Hoop earrings :)
3rd : Fender Guitar :)

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