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What will be the best and unique birthday gift for mom?

Asked by ammylewis9 (4points) October 13th, 2014

What is the best and unique birthday gift for mom? As I am staying away from my mom I like to send some unique gifts to my mom birthday falls on November. Please suggest me some gifts and Gift Ideas.

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Assuming you are not a spammer – somewhat unlikely – the question is impossible to answer.

We have no idea what your mom likes. Is she a clothes horse? Does she like arts and crafts? Does she read books? Does she listen to music?

Give us some guidance, not a URL.

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Hope you’re not a spammer but here’s what you do- you hand write here a letter detailing every special moment since childhood and tell her how much you love her. When my mum died I found my own letter like this, written when I was 19. It was in her bedside drawer.

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For many of my adult birthdays, my mom (a writer) liked to put together mini-scrapbooks of Xerox copies of old family pictures with clever hand-written captions on each. I loved those little scrapbooks. Her going to that much effort (at no cost, to boot) always impressed and delighted me. Perhaps you could do something similar for your mother.

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I keep journals. For Christmas one year I went through and typed up the best stories of the years that my kids were growing up and compiled it into one journal that I presented my Mother at Christmas. Alas, although she had been an avid reader at one time, she was slowly moving into dementia, and didn’t really recognize the labor of love that went into my gift. I don’t think she read it at all.

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It’s really simple.. You grew up with her and I’m betting that at one point you over heard her saying how much she would like to have this or that (and was very serious about it) just retro your ‘lil brain cells and recall anything that she wanted but never received (no matter how insignificant it might sound to you today) and you have your most unique gift which she will probably appreciate forever (or at least know that you paid attention to her dreams so long ago).

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Welcome to Fluther.

Well, I don’t know about “the best”, since only you know your mom. But I could tell her that “unique” would be… her own account on Fluther.

I’ll bet it’s just what she always wanted…

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A book, cd, dvd, or cosmetics isn’t quite special enough. But if you get her something she likes, then it shows you were thinking about her. I’m sure she’ll love anything you give her, even if it’s a rock.

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