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As a 14-year-old, How do I easily make $1,000 in a month?

Asked by omg_dung (150points) September 10th, 2010

As a 14-year-old, what are some easy ways I can make $1,000 in one month? (without going door to door or something like that)

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Are you good at anything? computers, building stuff, painting etc?

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Help me out here, how easily?

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hmm… I’m not bad at photoshop…

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160 hours of Mechanical Turk HITS? (

Ebay some stuff? (If you have an interesting project)

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Photoshop eh? maybe try seeing if you can get some people in your city to pay you to do some side work. For example creating logo’s, or touching up photos for example. If you can get them to pay you say $100 or so, 10 jobs and you hit you mark.

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$35 a day. For thirty days. $1050

Wash $35 of cars every day.

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The summer after I turned fourteen, I was helping a family friend that was a plumber durning the day for cash. I didn’t make near $1000 a month but maybe you could find some similar jobs helping people out under the table for cash.

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if only you didn’t have to be 18 to do Mechanical Turk….D:<

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ya @ChazMaz has a good idea. Wash cars in your neighborhood for like $10 – $20 a pop. If you could do a few a day you’d be set.

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A major doughnut chain – like Krispy Kreme – will likely sell you a large number of doughnuts for a reduced rate (usually 25–50 items minimum).

Whilst in college, I bought 100 dozen Krisy Kreme original doughnuts and sold them for $2 more per box than I paid. I pocketed $200 cash money before lunchtime.

I went door to door, but you could likely setup a booth on a school campus (with permission) or in a heavily traveled pedestrian district (with permit) and let folks come to you.

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great answer, but I can’t, I’m homeschooled…

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@omg_dung, are you saying that you must make money from inside your own home? That you’re not able to go out and work?

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well, you need to earn about $40 a day to do that. how about some kind of service that costs $1 and you can do 40 times each day. how about making something, say good luck charms of some kind. something you can make for about 5 to 10 cents a piece and sell for $1.

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well I could go out, but I would rather do something like grumpyfish suggested…

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Given the circumstances you’re in I’d say that without your parents just giving you the money, it’s going to be impossible.

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@omg_dung, me, too.

However, I grew up, got out there, and got it done. You’re still young. Enjoy it now because the work that must be done will come along soon enough.

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In my state, you can get a job when you’re fourteen (what I’ll be doing next month, maybe). Look into that. I’m home schooled, too.

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What state do you live in?

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Rather than aim for a specific dollar amount, at least in the beginning, you might be better off aiming to do work that (1) you’d be good at, (2) that can bring you repeat customers, and (3) that if well done will bring you referrals. Think about the things you like to do and are good at, and then think about ways to leverage those skills into a work that will be of value to customers. “Easily,” by the way, is probably not a realistic expectation.

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When I was that age I made my money being a gopher on a logging crew. It wasn’t easy, but it was better money than most of my friends were making.

The next year I made ‘easy’ money digging graves.

I guess it is all relative to what you know.

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If you offer to clean houses for $50. a visit then you’ll have takers since most people pay about $100. a visit.

Will you offer to go into neighborhood to pick up dog poop, branches, dropped dead fruit and leaves from yards? Ask $25. a visit for that.

Are there dogs in your neighborhood? Offer to walk the dogs for a half hour and then brush them out. A lot of people will gladly give you $10. for that treat.

Are you agile and careful? Off to use people’s home ladders to scrape out their rain gutters because fall weather is here and rain to come, gutters are probably clogged with crust and fluff. Ask $25. for that.

Do you live in a neighborhood that has the large plastic trash and recycle bins? Offer to wash out the bins for $10. a house. A spring and summer of garbage, even bagged up leaves an awful stench in most bins, especially if the people throw bags of animal poop and baby diapers in there.

Do you bike? Offer people in your neighborhood a courier service to the “quickie mart” or whatever market is nearby. Give them times of day and early evening you are available to call on to pick up money and then make deliveries. Ask for a $3.00 tip on top of their costs. So many people have little time off, me one of them and if I could, I’d give a kid a list of things to pick up from the store and bring back, I’d tip $5.00 just to be able to keep doing what I’m doing in the house.

Don’t underestimate offering to sweep leaves from pools, give them a brush down and clean out the filters because most pool services are about $100.00 a month. I’d pay a young kid in need of money $20. a visit each week for that service, no problem.

Can you learn how to iron clothes? Most people detest ironing. I made quite a bit of change as a kid charging a quarter for each garment. Tell neighborhood people they can drop laundry to your home and prepay. Most will be happy to give you $5. no matter how few pieces you do.

Offer to clean stoves and refrigerators. I’d pay someone $10. to come and do that so I wouldn’t muss a manicure or give up a few hours of my day off.

Are you willing to cook? Offer to make lasagnes in people’s homes with whatever ingredients they put aside for you. Most everyone loves lasagne but few want to take the time to prepare the noodles, ingredients, layer, wait for the bake and then clean up the prep dishes and pots. I’d pay $10. for a nice big pan of that!

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I’m surprised no one has mentioned babysitting – that is a huge cash cow if you can find the right clients and get enough hours. I’m babysitting tonight, in fact, and will probably earn over $100 for 5 hours (if all of the kids are there).

When I was your age, I started nannying for a very nice family. I ended up working for them for 9 years. When I was 16, I had something I really wanted and needed to save up almost $800. The sum seemed astronomical to me and I was shocked when I readily made the goal with time to spare. I supplemented the babysitting money with car washing, house cleaning, and any other little job I could make money doing.

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@omg_dung Minnesota.
And @MissAnthrope‘s suggestion of babysitting is a really good idea. If you’re a guy, I know it might be kind of strange to think of, but believe me. It’s worth the money. I got $50 babysitting 3 kids (2, 5, and 8) for 12 hours. If you found the right people, somebody might give you $60 more. A good rate to charge is $5/hour for two kids.

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@ChocolateReigns, sold! When can you show up in the DFW area?

At that rate, I might just be able to pay your airfare, too.

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You could rob a bank but they’re all broke too. Photoshop is great but unless you’ve got a portfolio, that’s going to be tough. Mow some lawns, was cars, as your parents for extra work… That should get you close.

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Learn technical analysis and day trade. I must warn you though, it is very risky.

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Why does a 14 year old kid need 250 a week? I know people on social security who earn less than that after working all their lives and they live off of it. Seems like a lot of money for a kid.

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When i was your age, i was earning almost this amount of money each month. but, that was in 1962 and 63. i had a talent to play the drums and was used many times as a studio drummer. you may not have a talent. my object is tell you to look for any talent you may have and use it to your advantage. i would recommend just about anything as long as its not illegal or immoral.

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my neighbor mows yards and he makes a lot of money from that.

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Where I live many people have desertscaped yards with patterns of different colored gravel and rocks. I’d pay some kid a $20. to carry a little bucket and gather up the ones that have gone astray into the other colored sections.

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