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Where can I get reference pictures of old people?

Asked by sandalman (428points) September 11th, 2010

I’ve just finished sculpting a teenage female. It’s been interesting, but what I think would really give me a new appreciation of human anatomy, is a subject whose body is extremely wrinkled and saggy instead. Is there anywhere on the web where I can get free reference pictures of this subject?

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I would do a google search of old people or senior citizens, then go to the images tab and you will get pictures galore. Link

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That does answer the question somewhat, but what I really want are high-resolution pictures of old people in the nude.

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There are a number of stock photo sites that do high-res photographs. Some free, some you would have to pay for.

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You need access to a medical library.

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In case you don’t want to pay and want a large image, try wikimedia and look for elderly folk. Are you looking for nude folks? Try research studies [and add the face from somewhere else as it will not be shown]
Try morgue shots if lifelike poses are not an issue
Hire a model. Not all models are young. If you are in the DG area I can recommend someone.

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