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What it comes to bottled water can you actually tell the difference in brands?

Asked by Frenchfry (7569points) September 12th, 2010

There are so many brands out there. I went and bought a case. I bought the cheapest or on sale. Is there a taste difference? Do you get better quality in water by buying the more expensive brand? What brand do you buy? I was thinking of buying a Britta (Is that how you spell it) pitcher or a filter for the tap to save money. Does that work?

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A Brita filter works fine if your basic tap water tastes OK. We used one all the time when we lived in Seattle.

I can tell the difference in taste in bottled water. I try not to use it now because it is so bad for the planet.

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@marinelife What’s bad for the planet? Bottled water? really?

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The Britta filters work fine. Most of the bottled water tastes the same to me (probably because it just comes fro the tap of some municipality) ... however sometimes the plastic bottle leeches into the water and you get this strange plastic-like flavor. Very icky.
I think @marinelife meant all those plastic bottles are bad for the planet.

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“According to a 2001 report of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), roughly 1.5 million tons of plastic are expended in the bottling of 89 billion liters of water each year.

Besides the sheer number of plastic bottles produced each year, the energy required to manufacture and transport these bottles to market severely drains limited fossil fuels. Bottled water companies, due to their unregulated use of valuable resources and their production of billions of plastic bottles have presented a significant strain on the environment.

The authors of the WWF report suggested that water bottles be washed and reused in order to lessen their negative impact on the environment. Unfortunately, reusing plastic bottles further compromises the quality of the water, due to the fact that more and more phthalate leaches its way into the water as the bottle gets older. In another suggestion, the authors recommended that bottled water companies use local bottling facilities in order to lessen fuel expenditures for transportation needs. Regrettably, local bottling further compromises water quality due to the reduced health standards for in-state bottled water production and consumption. It seems there is no feasible solution to this problem. The bottled water industry causes a severe strain on the environment”


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Ozarka tends to be harder and has more minerals so it doesn’t go down as smoothly as, say Aquafina or Fiji. It depends on preference, really. I don’t normally go out and buy bottled water though, I usually keep two large jugs that sit on top of a water crock. I get them refilled at the local Water Still. It tastes great and saves a lot of money.

I’ve had Britta water and to me it still tastes too much like plain faucet water. I can’t stand that taste. But other people swear buy it so again, it lands on preference. It does save money though, I’ll give it that!

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Nope! They all taste the same to me!

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We recycle our bottles We put it in the recycling bin. Leaches as in Bugs. Blood sucking.looking creatures. I just learn sometimes there. Well I never realized.
@NinjaBiscuit Are you talking about the jugs you fill and take to the Grocery store. They have a machine outside. I was thinking about that too.

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@Frenchfry Yep. Although we don’t do it at the grocery store, we do it at a water store who specializes in the way they filter the water and such. And yeah we use those big five gallon jugs. That’s the best way to get inexpensive, great tasting water in my opinion. <3

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I can tell the difference from tap water to bottled water, but cant really tell different brands apart. however i can usually tell a difference in brita filtered water, it has a very crisp and clean taste to it, well worth the money. where i live the water is very hard, to the point that a washing machine does not tend to live much longer than a year. but those filters clean it right up.

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It all tastes like chicken to me.
@Frenchfry Yeah….all that plastic isn’t good.

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Plastic bottles are bad, transportation costs for hauling bottled water is bad, making a profit out of bottling water that is often the same as the local tap water is bad – it stinks all the way ‘round. Daisani – Coke’s brand of bottled water- just bottles the water in the local bottling plant and sells it to you. Much better to go with tap water, a Brita filter, and a reusable water container.

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Evian spelled backward is Naive.

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If you give me arrowhead water I would rather go thirsty. Give me Fiji water and I’ll be fine. To me it’s like comparing coke and pepsi, and pepsi is the winner.

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@Dutchess_III Evian spelled backwards is naive…Too True! And true, too!

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I can’t. Like you, I buy what’s on sale.

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I don’t drink bottled water at all, but have tried it and it’s not as good as the water from my tap. We have good drinking water in Scotland :)

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@Frenchfry Most don’t realize that plastic doesn’t recycle.

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@iammia Send water from Scotland! I’ll pay you for it! And then I’ll send Kansas water (very unique!) and you can pay me! And…the post office wins :)

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