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If it were Muslims from Indonesia planning a center with a mosque near "Ground Zero" would we still be having this idiotic fuss about it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) September 12th, 2010

If it would have been a group of Muslims from Indonesia (which as a very large Muslim population) instead of an Arab nation that wanted to put a center which housed a Mosque near “Ground Zero” would their still be as big of a fuss, or is the fuss only because the Muslim terrorist that thunder struck the Twin Towers were from our good “friends” the Saudis (more of the 19 came from there) and their Middle Eastern cohorts?

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I don’t think the opponents are taking any notice of where the Muslims are from. I think they are just reacting like a bull to a red flag to the word Muslim.

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The big arguement is not the Muslims, its the location that has been chosen to erect this mosque. why here? why two blocks from the Twin Towers attack? most people take this building erection as a symbol or shrine for their past actions. i see it this way and so do the surviving family members of the victims. why not build their mosque in another part of New York City? why this particular location? its not the religion, its the location thats in question.

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@john65pennington its not the religion, its the location thats in question. If it is not about religion the opposition to the location would be the same if it was a cathedral, synagogue, Kingdom Hall, or JDS temple, they would be asked to move it else where?

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I doubt that it would make much difference. I suspect that most of the protesters couldn’t find Indonesia on the map. This is America, after-all.

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