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Does the love of this food make my border collie "weird"?

Asked by john65pennington (29202points) September 12th, 2010

Most dogs eat dog food. That’s normal. My border collie had rather have a bowl of cooked carrots. Is this normal? He also loves green beans and cooked brocccoli. For dessert, he loves unfrosted strawberry PopTarts. Am i alone in having a dog that’s “different”?

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No. However, I would like to point out that most of the border collies that I have dealt with when I bred dogs all had something a tad bit “awkward” about them, whether it be seemingly ocd about some things or wanting veggies instead of dog food. I personally think its kind of cute.

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I had a cat that went nuts over cantalope.

Had to have a bowl of diced cantalope everytime I cut one up. lol

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Dogs are opportunistic eaters. That is, they will eat most anything. Dog food was an invention of the food industry to get rid of waste products.

That said, you should feed your dog a balanced diet which is mostly bone with some protein and a few vegetables. Dogs digestive systems are not really designed to handle a lot of vegetables.

As for the pop tart, that should be, at most, an occasional treat.

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No, your dog is not wierd at all. I had a Border Collie and 4 of his off-spring and they all had food quirks. Glen loved Yoghurt, eggwhites (cooked) and pasta and all of his offspring loved raw carrots and two of them even loved lettuce! As long as you don’t give the things they like in excess (with the exception of chocolate which should NEVER be given to any dog – it can kill them) and it doesn’t upset their tummies there is no reason not to let them enjoy their treats.
My dogs were all pets, but some of my family in Northern Ireland have farms. Their Border Collies were fed entirely on scraps from the family meals which obviously included a lot of cooked vegetables which were eaten with great enjoyment and they were certainly healthy dogs.

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You might want to consider the amount of sugar in your doggie treats. As in humans, too much sugar can cause gum disease and diabetes.

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My dear Matilda, a border collie/black lab, adored most veggies. Her faves were cooked broccoli, cooked or raw potatoes, peas, and like your dog – carrots. She also enjoyed black olives immensely!

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Pepper, my border collie/heeler cross loved stew, but she would leave licked clean peas on the plate. @Coloma I had a cat who liked cantaloupe, too.

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McBealer just reminded me, my Border Collie ate Black olives too, Strangely though he eould bite them into quarters and eat a quarter at a time instead of wolfing it down. Quite a feat for a big dog! One of his sons did the same with prawn crackers!

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