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Where should I live? What would you do?

Asked by harple (10441points) September 13th, 2010

On Saturday I’m going to look at three different houses to move into (renting)... I have currently only seen them online, and am going to see all three in person.

The first is affordable, but in truth I don’t like it.
The second costs more, but affordable… I like it, but it doesn’t have a shower (and I don’t think I can survive with only a bath).
The third is considerably more expensive than the first (by £100) but I am in love with it… It’s “perfect”...

I’m going to be self-employed, but also with a part time job to help make ends meet, and am hoping to build up to a level where I’m not struggling after about a year… BUT as I’m self employed, I’m going to have to use up ALL my savings paying for 6 months rent up-front, so moving again in 6 months or year’s time is not going to be an option.


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I won’t tell you which one to take, but for the second one, you can probably buy an affordable attachment for the tub faucet that will allow you to shower.

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@WestRiverrat good point! I shall definitely be checking the water pressure when I view that one…

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Tough one – because I know how important this is!! My first response would be: Keep Looking! You haven’t found “The One!” But if you think that isn’t an option… DEF can buy a shower attachment. Brilliant @WestRiverrat! $100 is $100. That said, feeling comfortable in and loving your home, is very important. You want the right vibe and you want to feel at home. After you visit you will know. If the 3rd is fantastically better, you have to figure out a way to cut-back $100 in other ways. Is it worth it? Good luck.

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Go with the third one that you love (or the second one if you love it with a shower attachment. :-)) That is, if you plan on being there for a while, and as long as you can still pull it off (but have to cinch your belt elsewhere). This is your HOME, remember – it’s the one place I wouldn’t skimp.

But of course, you need to see all three in person.

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I think you will find many things in life that you “LOVE.” And sometimes you have to decide when it’s time to pass or time to take advantage of it.

If you are very sure about being set up after only a year, then go with the cheap route. B/C then if you truly are where you think you will be, you will have saved alot of money . . . but if plans don’t go your way, then you won’t be in a sticky situation b/c you spent alot of extra money on a house that at the end of the day you don’t own anyway.

It’s only one year. It goes by very quickly.

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But I think a good medium is going with the second, IF and ONLY IF you get that shower attachment.

I would say my ratings are 2 with shower attachment, 1, then 3.

or 1, 2, 3.

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To me this adds up to “keep looking.”

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Thank you all… I am a complete mess over this one. Slight complication is that the area I am looking in is a 7 hour drive away, so I don’t have many opportunities to go looking between now and the date where I HAVE to move… I do know the area though, so I have that advantage. (Another reason why I’m not so keen on no.1….) I shall of course keep my eyes open this week, and go with open eyes to each viewing. (In the uk, the estate agents work for the seller not the “buyer” so I have to set up each viewing with a different company and fit to their times; they do not work together.)

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FYI, I saw all three, plus a house-share (just to cover all options) and I went with number 3… Of all of them it was the only one that had the “feel right” factor… The only one I would like to still be in beyond the 6 month initial tie-in. Fortunately I now have a bit more work coming in as well, which makes it more achievable financially.

Thanks for your help and thoughts on this.

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Congratulations, and thank you for the update. I’m glad you were able to go with your favorite and hope it works out. And the really good news is that it is a rental. If your opinion or the financial situation changes, you aren’t stuck.

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