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Is there anyway to get Monday Night Football live, online?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46860points) September 13th, 2010

We don’t have ESPN, and apparently the Chiefs are playing and it’s being televised by ESPN, so it’s a big, big deal. We could go to a local bar and watch it, but it doesn’t start till 9:00 p.m. so that leaves me out because my alarm goes off at 5:30 ya know…..and he doesn’t want to go to a bar without me. I mean, I told him it’s OKAY, as in IT’S OKAY RICK!! He’s not one to go out “with they guys” and stuff, so I really have no worries (plus, hail, he’s out of town about half of every week and I don’t worry then so why would I worry now?) but…anyway, he just doesn’t want to do that.
So, can we get it online? Or does he revert to 1940’s radio albeit via 2006 car radio….

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Well, you can watch a play-by-play reporting on Yahoo, but it’s not the same as the game.

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@marinelife K…link? Would Yahoo be better than radio? Because I guarantee you he’ll be parked in our car in the driveway till the end of the game!

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I watch streams of Bundesliga and EPL games online because they don’t air every game stateside. It looks as though they have links for Monday Night Football as well.

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Here is the link to the KC game.

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Not that I know of, but you can see live scores and some commentary here.

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O, you guys! We tried! Thought you had it there for a moment @marinelife (at that time Rick said to tell you I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!)—but they shut down the stream after the pre-game. And now he’s in the car, in the driveway, doing the 1040’s radio thang. :) Thanks, guys…..

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Sorry you couldn’t get in online. It’s been a pretty good game so far!

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Well, break it down! I guess Rick sat out in the driveway till Midnight, or whatever, listening to the game. With my alarm set for 5:30 a.m. (to GET UP at 6:00—I love snooze!) I did manage to wake up just enough when he came to bed (at 1 a.m. or whatever) to ask if they’d won (yes) and what the score was. This morning I remembered yes, they’d won, 21 to 14, and then I felt like I’d done my job as the other S/O, because I did remember.

Well, apparently our 14 year old cat, Smokie, sat in the car with him, at times in his lap, at other times sitting in the passenger seat, for the whole game. Rick said every time the radio would erupt in cheers the (usually paranoid) cat would look at the radio, then look at him like, “What are we doing and why are we here?” I love my minions!!

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