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What is igoogle?

Asked by COBx666 (105points) September 13th, 2010

Did apple buy google?

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It’s your personalized homepage, by Google.

If Apple bought Google, it would be front page news. I promise.

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… and a highly customizable one at that.

@papayalily Given that Google does Android OS, I doubt the FTC would allow such a merger/acquisition since that would allow Apple a near-monopoly in the smartphone market; at least enough to be considered “anti-competitive”.

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@jerv That’s a good point; I hadn’t even thought of that. I was just thinking about how everyone who used any of their products (aka most Americans) would shit their pants.

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It is your personalized google homepage filled with your choice of widgets and is one part of your google account which may include gmail, google analytics, orkut and a host of other stuff

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… like games, currency converters, comics, weather, or pretty much anything else you want.

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@jerv It could require Apple to sell the divisions of Google that overlap :)

Also, Google just decided to prefix their name with an I because it’s “personalized” – Apple doesn’t own exclusive rights to prefixing names with an I ;-) In fact, I believe Google first called it “Google Personalized Homepage” or something along those lines, but seeing as how everybody kept calling it iGoogle (and it was located at, they rebranded it to iGoogle.

Wait, I’m going to check that :)

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Ah, first line at Wikipedia: “iGoogle (formerly Google Personalized Homepage and Google IG) (...) On April 30, 2007, Google renamed “Google Personalized Homepage” to “iGoogle”.”

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