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Can I use my laptop to play games on my PC?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3046points) September 14th, 2010

Sorry if that makes no sense, so I will clarify here. What I was wondering was whether I can run a game on my PC (upstairs) but control it on my laptop downstairs through our LAN.

The reason I want to attempt this is that I read somewhere ages ago that they were going to create a console system that run similar to this: where all the graphics calculations were run on an external device and sent wirelessly and I was wondering whether the software allowed for something similar now.

Is it as simple as just using a remote desktop application, or do I need something else?


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You could give it a try! I’ve not tried it with a wired connection but I tried it from my laptop to desktop across the uni campus (connected via the wifi in the library) and the connection was too slow, the frame rate was pretty abysmal, and this was for a simple game like Osmos! So it is possible to open up a game on your desktop and access it via remote desktop, but as to how quick it is I’m not entirely sure and it’s something worth messing about with if you want!

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Well, you kind of can, but not really. the system you are talking about is planing on using very powerful servers that are specifically made for gaming. assuming you did not spend 10 grand on your pc it will not be as good.

what you can do, is connect the laptop and pc to the internet via cable (wifi is a touch slower) then set up your network so you can run a lan game, and then use the pc to host the game so that it does most of the work while you play on the laptop with slightly less lag. however, as far as i know, you will be playing multiplayer, meaning that the pc will have a player in the game doing nothing while you go up against the computer on the laptop.

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I’m no technical person, but I game on a laptop—get a really good fan and cooling system. Most laptops come with very crappy weak fans and shut off during games frequently without an external fan if you have any sort of higher end graphics.

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I think you need a wireless network for that (like a VPN).

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They’ve created something similar; OnLive works by taking inputs from your computer, sending them to “gaming” servers which do the actual work, then those servers send the visual output back to your computer screen; In other words, your computer only needs at least a 5Mbps bandwidth (There’s a news article saying that it’s dropped to just 3) to play console-quality games, and any lag is barely noticeable, but that doesn’t include the lag that results from my internet connection being unusually crappy.

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Yes, just use a good vnc program and you’re in business.

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There are many more networking options under Linux, but more gaming options under Windows. I agree with @Silence04 that VNC is your best bet here though.

@Fred931 Personally, I would like to use any game I own and play for free.

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