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Have you ever experienced an instant raw connection with someone with no words being exchanged?

Asked by Pandora (29733points) September 14th, 2010

I’m not talking about sex. But I mean where you somehow both sensed each other in the room and turned expecting someone to be there and they did like wise?
It has happened to me twice and both times we turned and looked at each other with the same expression of surprise and bewilderment.
I don’t know if it was hormonal or some sort of senses we shared but it did have an odd sense to it.
I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had such an experience. It was as if we knew each other some how.

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I’ve imagined I did many times, but no way to tell if the feeling was mutual.

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Yes, it seems to happen between a particular co worker and myself to where we’ve remarked on it and asked what the other was thinking at the time. We compare notes now in observing clients, sizing up applicants and new hires. If I’m having a difficulty then I’ve only to look around and he’ll appear to help, teamwork!

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Many times. When I was younger (and single in a pre-AIDS age), I would walk into a party and within moments know who I’d be leaving with. I was never wrong. It was weird. Good, but weird.

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I’ve had this happen to me on occasion. I think it has something to do with your intuition and similiar vibes being put out by the other person. I think sometimes there is things going on with our subconscious that we don’t quite understand. But when those situations arise it is unmistakable. Go with your gut. [link removed by Fluther]

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@Fayeranna That wouldn’t have been wise. I was and still am quite happily married. It was just weird how I would not be facing the person or them me and we would both turn around as if expecting the other person to be there, even though we never met.
It was kind of a deja vu experience. But one where we both had the deja voo together.
I’ve had deja vu before but usually I was the only one who felt it. Its weird when someone else seemed to share the experience.

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I’ve been trying not to think about this, actually. It’s hard to know what to do with such things when you’re married. You want to maintain the connection, and the best thing to do is to be friends, but there’s always that “oh my god what happened and what do we do with it” feeling.

We were in a harmonica workshop. We were doing improvisations with a partner—it was random who we partnered with. I think maybe I’d spoken five words to the woman at most in the three days before that event.

When we paired up, and began playing together—I really don’t think I can describe it. For me, it only happened once before in my life. It’s this connection where you totally get their energy and you feed it back and forth, and everyone in the room can feel it. It feels like this ball or light is streaming out of this nexus between us. The people in the room later said it was so hot and almost x-rated, even though all we were doing was playing.

The first time it happened was also through music, only this time I was playing trumpet and she was dancing. Again, it was an improvisation in front of a crowd. I was playing, and suddenly she got up, as if mesmerized, and began dancing… like she was the music. I took her movements and channeled them back through my horn, where they went out to the audience, who got energized and fed it back to us, and it just kept building and building like that.

I don’t know how we got out of it. Probably couldn’t take it any more. I said good bye to this women outside the theater afterwards, and that’s the last I saw of her.

I guess these things are moments out of time. That’s how I’ve had to treat them any way. When I think of them, I get a feeling of yearning. I’m pretty sure it would never be the same, so the yearning must be for the past, not the future. Yet I still wonder—maybe it would happen again. Maybe it means something. Maybe I could…. but no. Not for a very long time… if ever.

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Years ago my fiancee and I were standing behind a young black couple in a crowd. The guy turned around and it was really very, very unique and almost scary. I felt a strong connection to this guy; like he had played a very important role in a past life of mine. He looked at me and said, “how are y’all doin?”
And they walked off. I’ve always felt that he felt something similar towards me. Weird.

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