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Has anyone had their tubes tied?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) June 22nd, 2008

So, I can’t get pregnant again but it’s been a year and each month my period and the symptoms get worse and worse. I am getting zits like a teenager, it’s so much heavier and lasts longer and now I am getting it every two weeks. Is this normal? What has your experience been if you’ve had them tied?

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From what I have read most women experience heavy periods afterwards. If something doesn’t feel right talk to your doctor. You are the only one that knows how your body feels. It won’t hurt to call and ask your doctor. With something like this it’s better to get professional advice.

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yes, the doctor’s told me this before having them tied. i also know i need to go to the doctor as it is time for my yearly anyhow. I just wanted others personal experiences as no one I know has had this done.

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Having a tubal ligation changes nothing about your hormonal status – it merely interrupts the progress of the egg through the fallopian tubes. It’s a mechanical obstruction that has not effect on the ovary or uterus.

Your should discuss your hormonal changes with your doctor. There are several potential medical conditions that may be causing these signs (cystic ovaries, endometritius, etc).

(And yes, I had the procedure done more than ten years ago after an ectopic rupture.)

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