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Happy birthday Mr. Bean! : What is your favourite clip from the awkward clumsy fellow?

Asked by ucme (46643points) September 15th, 2010

Yeah, Mr.Bean is apparently 20yrs old today. I know he looks a little old for his age, but there you go. Simply curious as to what your favourite Bean moments have been down the years. That is of course if you find the dude amusing in any way. Perhaps you don’t, I just don’t know you see? For those who do find him funny, could you please recall your best bits from his past 20 yrs? I thank you. Here’s one example of the bumbling buffoon!

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Oh too many to choose from This one or the one when he is getting ready to meet the queen then head butt’s her.

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It has to be the one where he puts on his swim trunks and takes off his pants in front of the blind guy. (It was my drunken party trick for a while…..)

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This one!

I always crack up at 2:21 when he jumps out… I can’t ever stop laughing. I tried to find the one where he’s singing “Yesterday” and he just says “Suddenly” over and over again, but I couldn’t find it.

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None. I hate the mofo.

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I like the one where he’s making a sardine sandwich, and a sneeze destroys it all.

And don’t listen to @bob_ – he’s a mofo. Tell him to go make you a sardine sandwich, I say. ;-)

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@iamthemob Dude. Sardine?

* shakes head disapprovingly *

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@bob_ Dude, that’s what you get.

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@bob_ I did state “for those who find him funny” read the details fella

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@ucme oooh…he’s gonna tell you to make him a sandwich…:-)

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@ucme OH SNAP! My bad!

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@bob_ Damn right, now go make me an omelette & it better be good!

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@ucme No hablo inglés.

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@bob_ Mi español no está tan bien tampoco.

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when he has the thanksgiving date!

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There was one where he was falling asleep in church, and another one where he was trying to get rid of a raw meat patty (can’t remember the name of it now!) he’d ordered at a restaurant and he was stuffing it in everywhere he could (sugar pot, someone’s handbag etc). There are more but i can’t think of any right now. :)

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So many of them seem to be about him failing at food, don’t they?

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Oh, that reminds me of one where he had a new year’s “party” at his house with 2 other guys. He didn’t have snacks or something, so he took some twigs from a tree outside the kitchen window, dipped them in marmite i think, and served those, hehe.

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Omg, I love Mr Bean! It is so hard to pick a favorite, but I really enjoy the Christmas episode when he’s playing with the nativity in the department store.

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Getting dressed while driving using the windshield washer fluid to brush his teeth.
Falling asleep in church all the way to knees, shoulders and forehead on he floor, waking up and dancing around before he sits back down. Priceless.

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Black Adder is funnier than Mr. bean, and his live show is pretty funny too. Here is my very favorite skit from his live show. Three minutes of pure hell.

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