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Ideas on how to celebrate a birthday?

Asked by Written (825points) October 11th, 2010

So, I’m turning 16, and I’m honestly out of ideas how to celebrate it. I look at it just one more birthday, not like a ’‘sweet 16’’, like I know some people do. Most of my friends either organize a party (which, honesty, always sucks), or a gathering at their place, where we play video games/watch movies.

Now, that’s all fun and what not, but I want to make something awesome. Not that fun, but kinda… natural? (probably not the right word to describe it) I thought of calling some friends, just talking and ’‘chilling’’, food and drinks.

Thing is, I’m always the guy that starts things, conversations etc. It’s aways that awkward silence, with the ’‘So…......’’ at the end.

So, what’s the most awesome birthday you went to? Any ideas are welcome. :) Cheers.

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Theme park, or a festival of some kind. Renn Faire is a great place, or a local carnival.

You and a couple of friends could dress up all fancy and do dinner at a nice restaurant and see a play at the theatre.

A weekend camping trip, perhaps?

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You could invite your friends to your house don’t forget to trash in 100 people when your house isn’t that bigxD, you can have a theme instead of just a normal meet up and chilling, you could dresss up as barbies or something and then you could have challenges in the background. sounds childish, but trust me it’s fun!

You could rent a small cosy place somewhere in town and everyone could dress up their fanciest. You pay the dinner and stuff, then later you could all go on a limo ride aroung town.

That’s all I got for nowxD

p.s I am 16 as well.

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Yeah, I’m not that kind of guy, who invites tons of people and let them trash my place. :) Tried that once. Never again. Only a close circle of friends, 5–6, more then enough to have a blast. It’s not the choice that’s hard, but what to actually do.

Thing is, this’ll be my first celebration with a few girls invited. That kinda changes things. If it were only guys, the formula is the same. Video games, movies, junk food and a fart-filled room. :D I already have a few ideas, but what do we do when we get to my place, that’s the hard part.

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@Written I throw big drunken parties all the time. Know what my secret is? Beer and fire. Both go outside. Most of the party stays out there, and people only filter inside here and there to get food. ^_^

Oh, wait… I just realised you’re the OP. No beer, then. But fire should do it. ^_^

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Go to a unigue restaraunt with foods that you have never had before! (like from another country) Some restaraunts have live performances that showcase their culture. Make sure that they give you their version of a birthday song and cake.

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How about going on a long weekend camping trip at the beach or in the mountains?

A day hike with 3 or 4 friends, bring lots of snacks and water. I live near the mountains, the desert and the beach so this is really easy and fun where I live.

Or have a beach barbecue? If your folks are helping to pay for it, you could have part of it catered, or you could just have a potluck.

How about getting a few friends together and taking a train ride to another city to a specific destination (museum, theme park, ball park fair, movie & lunch etc.)

How about treating your friends to ice skating. It’s particularly fun if they DON’T know how to skate. Whatever you pick, have a great time and be safe!

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If your birthday is on the 16th of October, it will be your Golden Birthday (the birthday when you turn the same age as your birth date). If it is, that opens up some possibilities.

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Some really good ideas here, thanks a lot. I’ll take them to a restaurant, then bowling, and then, well, I have time to think of a finish. :) Thanks again.

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Go to a concert! Those are fun.and out to eat. Good music, friends, and food. Sounds like a good time.

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