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Can a Kindle from be used to read other on line material?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) September 15th, 2010

Amazon says yes.
Does anyone have one?
I would appreciate information.

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I have a nook, and it has a beta version web browser. It’s okay – but the e-readers generally are best for simple document viewing.

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Yes, my Kindle 3, which I love, has a simple browser that allows for reading online, either via 3G or WiFi. It also has a feature that lets you strip away everything on a Web page except the article you want to read.

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Does anyone know if books for a Sony reader can also be read on a Kindle?

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I don’t believe so. However, any reading material that can be formatted in PDF can be used on the Kindle.

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The nook handles PDFs well as well.

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Kindles can read online, and PDFs. It cannot read Sony’s books straight away, however, you can strip the DRM and convert to an .azw or .mobi format and read them on your Kindle that way.

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That is what we were thinking.
Thank you.

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