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Does anyone know this book about a cat?

Asked by cake7 (519points) March 27th, 2008

When I was younger there was a book that i would read. I do not know what happened to the book or the name. All i remember is that it was about a cat the when the owners would leave it would have parties. I believe they used to take place on wednesday but I could be wrong. I really hope someone can help. I have been trying to find the book for my son and I have no idea what it is call.

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i do recall a book that has to do with a crazy cat, and that alliteration was made very often. i do not remember the title.

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rotten ralph, maybe?

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no, it’s not rotten ralph. : ( i got very excited. I goggled it and it’s not the book.

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awww I know exactly what your talking about and its just not coming to me. I even asked my little sisters!! Sorry :(

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I feared this would happen. I have never met anyone who know the title. : (

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good luck

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Cat watching by Desmond Morris

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Is it this one?

It’s Cheltenham’s Party – a Golden Book about a cat who, when his owners leave, finds party stuff in the pantry and decides to throw a shindig of his own.

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I took a look at both books, they are not it. Thank you for your help. : /

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Now, I know this is silly, but I just have to make sure that we have eliminatd “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss. With Mike Meyers doing the movie, Dr. Seuss being out there I am sure you couldn’t have missed that – but every time I do a search anywhere and asked my kids and their teachers, that is the first thing that comes up. Forgive me, if that seemed obvious. Now, this is going to drive me crazy trying to get the answer for you…....

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no it’s not cat in the hat.

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Didn’t think it would be Cat in the Hat, as it is pretty well known, but figured it would be the one time I didn’t check. Anyway, here is a tale about a cat who has parties. It might be too “new” but worth a try:–17

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no I believe the book I’m talking about came out before ‘92. Thank you for your help. It is very appreciated!

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Could it be called Cookie’s Week?

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Nope, I’m afraid I don’t know what book you are thinking of, but for the cat lovers here; I sincerely recommend The Cat Who Went to Heaven , a children’s book I picked up while I was in college. I read it at a friend’s house, I was so moved by the story, it made me cry. I bought the book, read it two months later, it still made me cry.

The other piece of literature your entry made me think of is (Nobel prize winning poet) Szymborska’s poem, Cat in An Empty Apartment. Really worth checking out too… it’s about a cat who can’t get its head around the fact that its owner has died.

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Thank you so much. : )

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