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What charity would you donate to if you had extra money?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) September 17th, 2010

Christmas is coming and a lot of charities are asking. Tis the time of giving. What charity do you think is important?

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Pet rescue groups.

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For cash donations it would go to Make a Wish.

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There’s too many, and choosing just one seems kind of…....I don’t know what the word is. Like what makes one group more important than the other?

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I donate to Goodwill,Purple Heart,The Humane Society and The Kidney foundation.

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The Heifer Project is one I do contribute to every year.

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A needy friend or family member charity.

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I have donated money to charities before: Partners in Health and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (in memory of a friend’s brother). I have also donated time and money to a variety of cancer walks. I’ll have to put some research into organizations for the holiday season as I don’t know who this year’s donation will go to.

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Why give to a charity? There are always creative ways to improve the world if you have the extra money to do it. If I had extra money I’d invest in the founding of a local non-profit community hydroponic garden, growing, harvesting, preparing, and serving all food in one location, and working with others to do the same in other places. Maybe start out as a pretentious vegan bar, then expand to the point where food could be donated in mass to the local homeless. I agree with @Blackberry. It seems arbitrary to cherry pick charities. But if I were going to, I’d give to one with a strong activist branch. There’s a reason these organizations need to be given money to sustain themselves; they don’t function in the current environment.

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Medical research.

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Animal charity organizations.

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Mainly local charities. Local dogs’ home, local hospice, local community garden projects. I also donate regularly to the Lifeboat service, because many of my family served in it.

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Cancer, Salvation Army, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and local animal shelter.

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Our local animal shelter, or The Animal Rescue League. But I would much rather volunteer than send them money.

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Salvation Army, NSPCA. (-; I don’t think the S.Army is full of rich guys behind mahogany desks that would take a chunk but I’m not sure.

philosopher's avatar and Simon Foundation ( They both do autism research.

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I’ve got a soft spot for nature conservation, animals, pets and certain projects like the Heifer project.

I donate to a waterfowl rescue group and a couple of others at random, too many good causes to ever give enough to.

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I support a wolf rescue ranch, the Red Cross, and the Blood Bank, through donations and volunteer work.

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Cancer research

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At Christmas I donate to Toys For Tots. Hate to see any child not have gifts at Christmas.
My hubby paints and fixes up bikes for needy kids too.

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