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Do men really hate to ask for directions any more than women do?

Asked by hobbitsubculture (2156points) September 17th, 2010

You’ve probably heard the stereotype that men hate to ask for directions. My theory is that in relationships, men tend to drive more, so we see more instances of men being in the position to stop and ask. Or not.

But does anyone, male or female, honestly like to stop for directions? It’s embarrassing, and sometimes difficult because most people aren’t great at giving directions. No matter how well I plan where I’m going, there can be detours, missing signs, or a wrong turn on my part. Sometimes it just makes more sense to stop and ask than drive around wasting more gas and more time.

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I always found that odd.
My goal is to get from point A to point B.

If I have to ask directions. So be it.

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Not anymore! My new cell phone has a navigator on it plus it can find my car keys too! Woo Hoo!

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women aren’t expected to know everything by society… so we don’t feel bad having to admit that we are confused. or, not as badly as men do, i think.

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I got lost just outside of Glasgow, after asking for direction from a guy just walking down the street, I remained lost but thanked him anyway.. I just couldn’t understand the man! :-/
I still ask though if & when I’m stuck…… NO big deal..

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If I’m not pressed for time I like the challenge of finding a place on my own. I like to see different places so if I have the time I’ll look around awhile. If I’m pressed for time I’ll ask, and I agree, alot of people give lousy directions when you ask.

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@Adirondackwannabe I’m with you on trying to find things on your own, and exploring new areas. Yesterday I was in a situation where I had work in two hours, and I couldn’t find the place I was looking for. Usually I double check the google maps directions against the actual map to make sure they’re written logically, but there was no time for that, and then I got hit with a 2 mile detour on top of the bad directions. Otherwise, I would have stopped at a park I saw, and a crazy looking thrift store.

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I never mind asking fro directions. I get frustrated when I can’t find places. I would much rather ask than just drive around.

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This is the age of the GPS, mine is usually right so I don’t have to ask, but I have no problem asking.

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I never have a problem asking for help in how to use my newfangled GPS.

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I had a SO years ago. His dad consistently got lost and would drive around forever rather than ask for direstions. He would say, in all seriousness; “As long as we have gas in the tank, we’re not lost, we’re sight-seeing.”
(Snickers) He also once bought a new snowmobile and bragged for days about how the track was so wide that you literally could not flip it over. (Apparently, he regularly flipped snowmobiles, maybe it was part of the whole getting lost thing) He would not shut up talking about it. He finally got the thing home and took it out for a spin. Literally. He went across the road and down another street, where he proceeded to do doughnuts. Then of course, the inevitable happened; he flipped it over. The engine kept revving while the machine was uspide down on top of him. We all ran down and got it off of him and shut it off. He got up, brushed himself off and said “Well. you can’t hardly flip ‘em over.”

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They invented this thing called a “map.” You used to be able to get them for free at gas stations. Now you can get them for free on the Internet.

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I’m a guy. I don’t think driving around in circles is very smart, so I have no problems with asking for direcons.

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I don’t think anyone likes asking for directions. Also, very few give good directions, but if I’m fucking lost, bet your ass I’m gonna ask, “Hey man! Where am I and how do I get here?” Though since I have an iPhone with a nifty map (not gps guide thinger, I hate those things, just give me a map!) I’m never lost unless I can’t get a signal.

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Christopher Columbus didn’t need to ask for directions and neither do we.

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Real men don’t eat quiche and real men don’t ask directions.
Such has been my non-scientific observation over the years.

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Men rely on women to tell them where to go.

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@IchtheosaurusRex Having a map doesn’t automatically mean you’ll never have to stop for directions. Take the situation I mentioned in a previous comment. I had my set of bad directions, because I hadn’t had time to check them against a map like I normally would. When I couldn’t find the place I was looking for, I wasn’t lost. I was on a local highway, which leads right to the building where I work, if followed for a few more towns. I just couldn’t find a small photographer’s studio I was looking for. Like I said, bad directions and a detour.

In my car, I have two maps of New England, and a North American road atlas. I do not carry local maps of every single small town in Massachusetts where I might happen to have an errand.

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@YARNLADY has it right, heheheh! I am always the co-pilot/navigator.

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I hate asking for directions, and I am a female. I never do it unless it is absolutely necessary (which it usually never is). I don’t have a GPS but I have a map thing on my phone, and I sort of have an innate sense of direction.

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I think it varies. My dad hates asking, while I have no problem with it.

@anartist Bacon is the great man-food interface. Put bacon on woman-food, and it becomes man-compatible. Bacon on rabbit food, and it becomes man-compatible. Bacon on baby food, and it becomes man-compatible. Or something. Cheese will also work, but one must use twice as much cheese as he would bacon.

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I loved @YARNLADY‘s answer, I just tried to give you lurve, but apparently I was the 1 person who gave it to you when this question was asked because I couldn’t give you any now! I can’t believe you didn’t get a ton of lurve for that one!

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In my experience, yes. Rick and I will be driving around for an hour looking for whatever until I finally yell, for the 3rd time, “STOP AND ASK SOMEONE!!!” For a lot of guys any perceived “weakness” is a threat to their ego.

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