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What's your dream house look like?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) September 19th, 2010

Or apartment, or whatever you dream of living in.
Where is it?

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A cottage in the countryside somewhere. Oak beams, thatched roof.
Lots of trees and fields, and perhaps a stream running down the bottom of the garden. Aaaaah well I can dream :-)

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A complex of underground rooms and passages with occasional rises into the canopy of the permaculture forest it’s all built into. The forest and the building complex is one. Dwellings line the outer edges, and the forest is always expanding. Environment controlled greenhouses of non-climatic plants are built into the inner gardens. Recreation, education, and administration are provided by the inner rings. Research facilities, creative studios, etc.. Residence would be free if you worked to expand the forest, growing your own food, or contributed in some other way that is recognized by the community. May be a city, but it could start with a single house, with a garden.

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I can tell you about parts of it, but I have no idea what it would look like all put together! It’s brick and has a huge front porch. Big enough to play on if it’s raining. And there’s a swing on the porch, too. When you go in the front door, you’re in a big room that is the living room and dining room. Lots of windows and a fireplace. Some would call it a great room, but it wouldn’t have those high ceilings that I think of with great rooms. The kitchen is off the dining room and has lots of counter space. Gas stove top, electric oven, wide-by-side refrigerator, lots of storage space. The master bedroom is big enough for a king-sized bed and both of our dressers. And way more closet space than I have now! Let us not forget the attached bathroom with a linen closet. The other rooms include a library, two guest rooms, another full bath and a half bath. Setting? Somewhere in the country where the view is trees, trees, trees!

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Mine looks something like this.

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Falling Water designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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I have many dream houses.

But, I really want a Tumbleweed Tiny House. Some are so small they’re considered trailers, so you can just take them with you. Others have larger square footage. Get one of those, buy some land by a beach, I’m happy.

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Oh, I have two. One is a cottage on a tropical island. Small and warm with a gentle breeze from the beach that is only a few hundred feet away.
Second is a huge condo with a house keeper across the street of central park along 86th street, in NYC.

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It looks like a wooden “shack” on the outside but set in among mature trees, wildflowers and wild grasses.

Inside it’s one big room with a few steps up to a galley with gas stove, icebox, sink and long butcher block against one wall.

There are built in bookshelves and glassed door cabinets, a built in fireplace/mantle and the bathroom is at one end at the rear.

The bathroom has a sunken tile shower, bidet, dual sinks and a built in closet on either side of a door that opens up onto an enclosed rock garden patio that has a big bathtub installed there that run hot/cold water.

There’s a long spa bench beside the outdoor tub and fragrant vines grow over the fencing. Large pots set about hold delicate shade greens.

The bed is the central feature in the center of the room, it’s a King sized square. There are pillows of all sizes to recline on about the floor which is tiled in slate and covered with a few fine rugs.

Small end tables are set out for holding noshes, books and flower vases.

The lighting is all a combo of recessed and accented with hanging pieces.

The walls are glossy fruitwoods hung with art pieces.

An awesome state of the art stereo system is wired throughout and a theater screen is mounted on one of the walls, covered when not in use by a retractable hanging tapestry.

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A cabin in the woods or mountains.

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Just a little cottage in Muskoka.

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A house in a quiet up market, friendly, neighbourhood on a quiet street. We already have one designed on a home designing program. There’s nothing extra ordinary about it, it’s just designed in a way that we like, with rooms the size of our choice, a nice kitchen and entertainment area with bar, pool, 3 garages, fireplaces etc. And a nice big green garden.

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@NaturallyMe That sounds really lovely :)

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@NaturallyMe What’s an up market?

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@Aesthetic_Mess Oh, oops, i meant up market neighbourhood.
@partyparty really? :D I can’t wait to get it. :)

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@NaturallyMe still, what is an up market neighborhood. Forgive my ignorance

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@Aesthetic_Mess oh! Well, it’s generally a neighbourhood with good quality houses that are well maintained, mostly with neat gardens and (mostly a least) good maintained roads and so on. These neighbourhoods also usually look more aesthetically pleasing than the lower market neighbourhoods.

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The house down the street could qualify. It’s brick but it has a lot of frame or masonite on it like an adorable second story white porch but it’s sort of new. If I could rip that sucker out of the ground and transport it to ten or more acres I’d be a happy camper (or gardener). But there is it on a small lot right on a corner on the main street. (not that we have hardly any traffic on that main street lol )

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