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Best game/entertainment webapp for iPhone?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) March 28th, 2008 from iPhone

anyone know a good game/entertainment webapp or one that will be released soon?

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There are so many apps when you jailbreak the iPhone. My fav is video rec. for the iphone.

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no I mean a webapp. I don’t think I’m going to jailbreak my iPod due to the new update coming on June.

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The best web app so far has been Fluther! I don’t even watch TV any more because I have my eyes glued on the iPhone screen.

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I really like Castle Feud.

Its just hard enough so that you keep going back for more. You can also play network games against another human opponent. It’s a great time killer.

There’s also the classic Bejeweled.

MindDojo is fun if you’re looking for an different kind of intellectual challenge. There’s a “lite” version if you don’t feel like signing up.

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@spargett: All those apps are on my home screen :D. There is also a sudoku-esq game called “Glint” that uses colors in lieu of numbers. (I can’t link it from the iphone, so search it on the google page if it sounds interesting.)

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yeah fluther is a good app. Lol now that I think about it I realize that I’ve been using my iPod touch a lot also!
castle feud is a pretty good game. I like the multiplayer feature.

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@ theo. Fluther. You can restore it back to normal before the update.

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I have a webapp for the game Lines and that $hit is addictive to play, i hate it and i love it!

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I agree with Spargett’s selections above, plus Spinblox, Frenzic, and Diamenty.

There’s a good selection of games listed at Launchrz

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I can never seem to get to duck hunt anymore. thankfully, there’s one at jirbo I can get to.

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