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Skateboarding and achilles tendon pain?

Asked by isuppose (733points) September 19th, 2010

A question for all you skating jellies-
About 2 weeks ago every time I skate, or longboard to be more specific, I get a sore pain in the achilles tendon of my left foot (the foot I push with). It could be in my heel, but I’m pretty sure it’s in the tendon. After the first time this happened it hurt to walk, climb stairs, or move it at all so I took a break for 2 weeks. About 5 days ago the pain stopped and so today I decided to give it a try, but at the first push it was back.
I’m not sure if I should skate more because the muscle is weak or take a break for even longer?
Has this happened to anyone else?
Advice would be great.
Thanks guys

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Even though your tendon may have healed, it may also have scar tissue, and not have the range of motion it used to. Here is a website that may help. I’m guessing this is something for a physical therapist. For that, you may need a doctor to prescribe the exercises you need. Barring that, when it heals again, try stretching it, little by little, and ice it down afterward. Be sure to keep in shape while waiting for your body to cooperate. I’d stay off the skate board until you have it all stretched out again.

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Wear an ankle bandage (Ace) for awhile when you are pushing yourself. Give that tendon a chance to heal. Generally when something as powerful as an Achilles Tendon has been damaged, it didn’t just happen. You were leading up to this. Now, it doesn’t just heal overnight. Also try a whirlpool on it and ice after a workout.

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I’m not doing skatebording, but I am a two time Ironman finisher and I have some experience of what you are describing. It’s called Achilles tendonitis or Achilles heel pain.
It’s very easy to cure but you should take care of it right away. Search for eccentric calf stretching or have a look at my home page “link”:

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