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What can i do if my 2 year old cat keeps pooping on my carpet?

Asked by astein (4points) September 20th, 2010

She sometimes poops in the litterbox but half the time it’s on the carpet in my livingroom in different places each time. She has only pee’d outside the box once.

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One of my kitties started doing this, it seemed she was VERY fussy about a clean litter box. Ever if it was still relatively clean, she’d not want to use it for some reason – she would only use it when i put new sand in it, and then only a couple of time afterwards, and then she would wee on the bathroom carpets and poop on the bathroom floor next to the litter box. Maybe your kitty is really fussy about having a litter box cleaned more regularly (ie new sand)?
Don’t get me wrong, my litter box wasn’t dirty or anything, but she was extra fussy for some reason – maybe some cats just get that way, hehe.
Was you cat ever used to doing her business in the garden before, and now she’s started using a litter box recently?

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Have you changed brands of litter recently? Ours hate large litter, and litter with lots of crystals in it. They prefer the store brand scoopable, and cleaning twice a day.

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Clean your litterbox more. Try a self-cleaning litterbox.

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A sparkler works wonders, I mean right before, have an extinguisher just in case.
Just kidding, of course, I have the luxury to let my cats out so they can poop where I just planted something, or anything I endear.

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If it’s still happening after you’ve cleaned the litter, you may consider taking her to the vet as this could be an indication of sickness. Other question is, did you bring another cat or dog into the home recently? She may just be trying to mark her territory.

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I don’t have a cat, so I can’t advise you on training her, but do invest in a bottle of stain remover.

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