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Based on my favorite authors, who should I read next?

Asked by freerangemonkey (353points) March 28th, 2008 from iPhone

My favorite fiction authors are:
Jeffrey Archer
Ken Follett
Dennis Lehane
Charlie Huston
Robert Ludlum
Lee Child
David Morrell
David Baldacci

Based on these authors, who should I read next?

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I don’t know any of those but I totally recommend Chuck Palahniuk. He’s the best I’ve ever read.

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Craig Johnson for sure. Cold Dish is my favorite from him. You can find it here.

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Not sure about this, but maybe John Grisham?

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James Patterson?

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Freerange: You asked this question at 2:00 AM !? You better find something that puts you to sleep. Not in that list, but Clive Cussler writes some pretty good books.

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I am a big fan of Dennis Lehane and Lee Child,
Some recommendations:

Robert Crais
John Lescoart
John Sandford.


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@henry david: I will check that out.

@mdy: I read every Grisham book that comes out except for his sports/christmas related ones. I think he peaked sometime around Rainmaker or The Partner. His latest sucked. I have given up on court procedurals for now. Nonetheless, thanks for the idea.

@iriemuffin: I have read one or two Patterson novels. They are good,but if you were to ask me which I have read, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I may have to try him on Audible again.

@smorgan: Robert Crais keeps coming up. He is also the most recommended to me at, so I should probably try him out. I recently downloaded a bunch of Sanford audiobooks, so I’ll have to give them a listen now. I have read only one Lescroart but I recall enjoying it.

My new favorite is Don Winslow. I listened to The Winter of Frankie Machine, which is being adapted into a movie starring Deniro, and it was terrific. Likewise, The Death and Life of Bobby Z was awesome, though the direct-to-DVD movie Bobby Z with Paul Walker was terrible.

I am really into noir right now, so anything along those lines would be good. I have been told I should check out Harlan Coben, but have not gotten to it yet.

Thanks for all of the responses so far!

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Given the list of authors you have provided, and presuming you are looking for the same sort of literature, I would suggest you would enjoy:
“The Last Templar” and “The Sanctuary” by Raymond Khoury.
“Brethren” by Robyn Young.
“The Manx Grail” by John Shimmin.
“The Book of Joby”

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Try Peter Stroub….a book named Koko.

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I’ve read about half of your authors, I think you’d like Daniel Silva and Douglas Preston.

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@Carol: I remember reading Koko like 10 years ago. As I recall it was a great read. Thanks for the reminder!

@simon: I’ve read some Preston and enjoyed it. I’ll add Silva to my list too.

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I like Coben too, but for some reason I just could not get into the most recent book, whose title I can’t remember either.

Another author is John Hart, who has written two books, King of Lies and Down River. The books are set in Western North Carolina, (about 5 hours from my home) both were good reads, Down River is very recent. These are more conventional mysteries and unlike the works of Sandford or Child. They are meticulously constructed plots with twists and turns. Not sure if these are on tape yet, but I prefer paper to anything else.

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That sounds really good. I’ll check him out. I do paper and audio. More paper than audio by a long shot.

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Caleb Carr! Based on your author list it looks like you like smart adventure/thrillers. His stuff is awesome.. especially The Alienist (

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I would go the the web site “Stop You’re Killing Me.” The answers so far are looking good. Something a little lighter, my favorites are Donald Westlake and Joan Hess. I’m going to check out some of the authors listed. Mystery buffs must stick together.

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@zavaha85: great suggestion! I read all of Carr about 8 years ago and loved him. I should see if he has released anything new since. Thanks!

@NVOldGuy: i recently bought a Richard Stark “Porter” book but haven’t read it yet. Westlake is a psuedonym for Stark (or vice verse). Have not heard of the other author but will check her out!


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Westlake I believe is Stark as well as a Coe. In one of the Westlake books the plan for kidnapping is right out of a Parker mystery.

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