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What are some cool things to check out in Astoria, Queens?

Asked by occ (4083points) March 28th, 2008

I spent years in Manhattan but don’t know Queens at all. I hear Astoria is up-and-coming. Anything specific to check out there? What’s the main street to walk around? cool shops, specific ideas of what to check out?

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This beer garden is totally amazing. The place is enormous and gets seriously packed.

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I second the beer garden. It feels like an oasis away from the city. The garden atmosphere is fun and friendly during the spring/summer. Right now, I’m really craving their kielbasa. Besides the beer garden, my friend who lived in Astoria says there are small Greek delis all over the neighborhood to check out.

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the museum of the moving image.

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Right under the 30th Av. subway station (on 31st Street, I think), there’s this amazing little greek restaurant called Opa! Opa! It’s a tiny little storefront with a deli in the front, but if you walk through to the back, there’s a nice little indoor/outdoor patio restaurant – and they have the best spinach pie I’ve ever eaten. We were visiting friends in Astoria for a week, and we ate there at least twice – it was superb!

There’s also a great little crepe restaurant on Broadway, somewhere between 32nd and 36th streets – I can’t remember quite where, but we had a wonderful dinner of savory crepes there…

Enjoy! =)

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There will be a hilarious billiard tournament on Tuesday, 4/8 at Steinway Cafe to support Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund. Help us make real change in November!

For more info:

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Jackson Hole

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Ethnic restaurants in general are a good bet in Astoria, as others have hinted at; here is a more comprehensive list:

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