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What kind of bug is this? It was huge!

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) September 20th, 2010

So I have no idea what is going on but I am about to go stock up on all the bug sprays I can because I found a huge spider in my bathroom the other day and now this!:
I don’t even know what that is but I killed it and it had one really long leg and two strips on its body. Could something like that have come up from the drain? I have been finding more spiders lately and it’s really grossing me out.I don’t know where they are coming from but since I am moving in 10 days I am just trying to ride it out and not complain to management. I plan to spray under my door and windows with bug spray and hope that resolves the issue.

Does anyone know what that thing is though, really grossed me out a lot.

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Looks like a common cricket to me. Completely harmless. Annoying though if it starts chirping in the middle of the night.

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I agree with @Dog, it looks like a cricket to me.

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I was thinking it was a cricket to or some kind of crossbread cricket. I don’t think it is a roach at all it’s legs were to long and it was raised from the ground. Ive never seen a roach but I don’t think they look like that. I would freak out if thats the case.

Could have that have come up my drain since it was in the bath tub?

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I hate bugs . It looks like a cricket like the others have said.

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I wish it looked like Jiminy instead of how it did lol…although not gonna lie…I might have been just as creeped out if I saw Jiminy in my bath tub too!

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That is the infamous cave cricket (or camel cricket, the two are ridiculously similar and I’ve never gotten confirmation on which is which), endemic to basements across the Midwest. They grow to be quite large. They are aggressive, but their offense is limited to jumping at you – a deterrent.
As you might imagine, they’re tough to hit. Spray is probably best, though a good slipper will also work. If you go the melee route, try to approach the bug from behind to optimize your chances of striking before it jumps.
Countermeasures include eliminating dark and damp in your house and buying/laying glue traps.

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Definitely a cricket. I’m pretty sure it just jumped into your tub, rather than coming up from the drain. I once lived in a house that had a freaking boat load of crickets in the basement (a finished rec room!). While one cricket doesn’t really bother me, that many in one place, jumping at me from all directions, freaked me right out.

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Looks like something that jumps high…so, like the others said, probably a cricket.

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I did some research on the internet and you are all right about it being a cricket so thank the good lord for that cause if it was a roach or something I’d die! I just went to the store and bought some lawn and garden raid which is suppose to take care of crickets, spiders, etc. I sprayed the hell out of my apt and windows and hopefully that will minimize intrusion for my last few days here. I am not a fan of bugs and the other day I saw a spider on my clean laundry basket…luckily I got him before he made his way into my clothes…I wouldn’t even know what to do if he crawled into all my clothes! I think the cold weather starting is driving the bugs inside because this hasn’t been a problem all summer…just started now.

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kill it dead. gross! but yes, it’s a cricket.

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They’re totally harmless so I wouldn’t worry too much about the crickets. Get a cat and it’ll take care of em real quick. They can be annoying at night when they chirp though.

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@tedd Cats tend to maim or kill them, but not eat them. I used to find stray cricket legs and legless crickets all over the house. Icky.

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fry em up…. mmm mmm lots of protein!

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I’m with @Nullo in thinking it looks like a camel cricket due to your description and the coloring on its legs. Camel crickets do not chirp, so that is another way to tell them apart from the average cricket.

Mom has them in her basement, and the best product she’s found for keeping them in check are insect glue boards. I can’t locate the brand, but am pretty sure she gets them at the grocery store.

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I’d be far more concerned about being toxified due to all the poison you have now put in your living space. YIKES! Give me a cricket any day.

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Don’t use poison! you will expose your self to toxins.

And it is bad luck to harm crickets. It won’t hurt you! Pick it up and put (gently) outside.

By the way, spiders are good for keeping flies down. don’t kill them either.

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Go ahead and use the spray, but strategically. There is no need to gas the whole house, just the outside walls near the ground. Keep some handy to repel the intruders.

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It has 6 legs – definitely not a spider. Many insects can’t see glass. You can try using a glass container to trap it, use heavy paper to close the opening, then take it outside. If you really have to kill it, try using 409 cleaner, which is non-toxic.

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I’ve grown rather fond of the hunt, myself. Man versus bug, legs versus shoe-arm, the way it was meant to be.

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I don’t mind the kill. It’s the cleaning up of the carcass that wigs me out.

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In some parts of the world people eat them.


Upon first viewing, I thought it was a cockroach, but no it’s a cricket.

I know what you mean about the spiders indoors now. I’ve been seeing more of them now too, because of the cooler fall weather. They are coming in to get away from the approaching cold.

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It’s related to the weta. Some wetas can grow up to 8in or so in length.

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