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Bugs in the Kitchen!

Asked by srmorgan (6768points) December 19th, 2009

Friday afternoon we found strange bugs on the kitchen ceiling. I used a vacuum to suck them up and saw no more on Friday. Saturday morning, nothing.Saturday noon, about two dozen. Cleaned them up, went out for two hours, more bugs. All afternoon we get a few more, I can’t figure out where they are coming from.

The area over the kitchen is an finished storage space. We just had the house roof replaced and the kitchen has some water damage which is scheduled for repair next week. I don’t know how to get rid of them and it is at least two days until I get an exterminator in here and there is no guarantee that these little b*****ds will show up when he gets here.

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They look like moth larvae. They get into homes and end up on walls pretty commonly, but I’ve never heard of them in such numbers. The next “evolution” is those little greyish, flat creeping pods, (which I think are pupae?)

Not sure if there’s an effective way to get rid of them. There shouldn’t be too many more though?

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They look like termite larvae. I would definetely get it checked.

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@Beta_Orionis We have had moths in one of the cabinets in the past in that part of the kitchen . We think they were something Indian Meal Moths that came inside in one of the bags of flour and we have had a hell of a time with the moths in the last two summers.

I can’t fumigate the entire house cause my wife will be sensitive to it for weeks.

We are looking every 30 minutes to see if we can tell where they are coming from.


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There are pheromone traps to control grain moths, sold on line under the brand name of Pantry Pest. I have had very good luck with those when I was feeding a lot of birds.

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Here’s a link

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@srmorgan Indian Meal Moths sounds right, but I didn’t know they could be such an issue! I was going to suggest the same traps @pdworkin mentioned.

Also I’d clear out any flour/grain residue from the kitchen and toss any old bags/containers of the same. Does your kitchen have any small cracks?

@ghostinthesystem Termite (larvae?? I think they’re something else…) look a little different. Although species vary, they’re generally more plump, translucent, usually bigger heads. but young maggots look very similar.

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If they are moth larvae, (or even if they’re not, if you still have moths) you can get traps for the adults..
Termites have nymphs, not larvae; they look like tiny adults.

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@Ghost_in_the_system : exterminator gets called 7am Monday morning. They are not making house calls on the Sunday before Xmas, I have a termite contract if that is the problems.
@pdworkin we have had issues with the moths and will go to Home Depot for the traps tomorrow if not after dinner.
@ccrow I hope they are not termites. I can fumigate the crawl space above the cabinets if my wife works on Monday.

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Those are definitely moth larvae, not termites.

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@Beta_Orionis There are cracks between the ceiling and the soffit above these cabinets. The other side of the kitchen ceiling has some water damage but we replaced the entire roof two weeks ago and this area is not wet but the ceiling and soffit have a miniscule crack where they meet.
@pdworkin I hope you are right., As I said I am heading for Home Depot or Lowes after dinner.

Thanks to all

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@srmorgan While you’re at home depot, get something to seal up the cracks!

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@Beta_Orionis The carpenter is coming on Monday as it were to replace some sheet rock, re-tape and scrape some other damaged sheet rock and I will get him to see about sticking some caulk in there.
The kitchen needs repainting and we have it budgeted for some time in the New Year, like February or March.

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@srmorgan Excellent. Good luck!

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I do not know what type of bugs they are but posted this to warn you about extermination. The chemicals they use can be very damaging to your health. It is exposure to these chemicals that can cause allergies and affect the autoimmune system. If I were you I would try to get in some “green” exterminators. I hope everything goes well for you.

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@srmorgan You poor guys. We had an infestation of those flour moths in our house that’s now for sale. I found them in flour and cornstarch. This house welcomed us with a brand new ss refrigerator in which I now put my cornstarch and flour! seems like if you get a few you end up with hundreds! Call a pro.

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Flour moths succumb to pheromone traps which can be found on line under the search term “Pantry Pest”. Works like a charm.

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