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Just out of curiosity...

Asked by 65Stang (508points) March 29th, 2008 from iPhone

what is the smallest handgun that still packs a punch?

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Could be a .41 Colt derringer. Very small, very powerful.

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hum could be a 22

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I was also thinking a .22 Well, are you talking size of weapon or ammunition that packs a punch?

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I’m talking size

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I guess we need to know if the question involves a gun capable of stopping an attacker or not. A .22 would be a poor choice to stop many people you are apt to encounter with the intent to harm you. Unless you are very lucky, a .22 round will just make the attacker mad and more aggessive.

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22 is the assassin’s round of choice because it can travel great distance very fast and is quiet enough that in most situations doesn’t require a silencer.

Here’s a genuine gun that I think takes the cake:

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When I bought mine for personal protection (long story) I got a .38 FIE. I wanted a 22 because of it’s size, but the dealer told me If I actually needed stopping power I should get the .38. Add hollow points to the equation and they will definitely stop!
@Cardinal The dealer told me pretty much the same thing you said about a .22.

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I learn so much here!!!

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@65Stang do you mind me asking why you asked this question?

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I was just curious. I wanted something small, so that when I got a concealed weapons permit, it would be concealed. (or something to that effect) :)

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have a look here Swiss Mini Gun
You could conceal one of these in a bikini.

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Oh, I see. My .38 fits nicely into my purse.

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