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What is your favorite handgun?

Asked by josie (30926points) March 9th, 2016

Obviously, the pool of responders is limited.
I know mine.
What is yours.
I hardly ever ask in General. This one is.

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I like the look of a glock. I have a buddy who was Israeli special forces and that was his favorite pistol.

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Ruger LCP. It is thin, small, light , DA, 6 +1 and super reliable. Laser sight optional.

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Walther PPK.

It is compact. I fits under my Tom Ford suit jacket (these days) without being too obvious.

My employers balk because it is not standard issue (My quartermaster. he claims it lacks stopping power, especially) They allow it anyway.

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Been carrying a Glock since 1988. I can’t imagine carrying anything else. Specifically I carry a gen2 Glock 17. Mine has many thousands of rounds through it with zero malfunctions. Still has the original spring! And I am confident even after bragging on it, it will still function next time i take it to the range.

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I don’t have the grip strength in my hands to feel comfortable with a handgun. I have tried several of varying caliber, and was never satisfied with my improvement in target shooting.

I like a .410 shotgun, with a scope if possible because my eyesight is shit.

Honestly I really am not qualified to handle a firearm.

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From someone who has never held a real gun and only know about guns through movies and the internet.

The Colt Python. It is confirmed by so many sources to be ultra powerful and accurate. Even it sight looks badass enough. I just have morbid taste for powerful guns.

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Smith & Wesson Model 10. Introduced 1899, still in production.

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Remington XP100 chambered for 7BR.
That is my dream hand gun.

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Smith & Wesson M&P .40

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I like the glock subcompact models as long as there is a grip extension so you can hold it like a full size. I have wanted a ruger LCP for a while now. I’ll add the colt 1911 since it has not been mentioned yet. I’m not the biggest handgun nerd. I like rifles.

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Except for the grip and slide ridges, every surface on the LCP is rounded or curved so it does not catch on anything – including the sights. There is no safety lever but it has a cleverly designed trigger pull to reduce the chances of unwanted firing. The trigger pull compresses the spring so there is no chance of it firing if it is dropped or thrown. If you are buying an older model make sure it as the diamond proof stamp on the flat, horizontal surface of the hammer slot. That means it was upgraded by Ruger. They will check and do it for you free of charge.

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(I’m well documented here as loathing guns, but I gotta say, all this gun-geek-speak is oddly sexy)

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@cookieman Surely you can appreciate the engineering. The mechanical trade-offs border on genius. The chamber is subjected to a pressure pulse of 50,000 psi! Yet the barrel wall thickness is about 1 mm so it is light and responsive. When you optimize to such a level the material selection and preparation is critical. It has to survive thousands of those pressure pulses at temperature extremes and work every time with no durability stress cracks.
All the parts need to fit to tight tolerances or the aim will be off. A play of only 0.020” (thickness of 2 pieces of paper) at the barrel will translate to an inaccuracy of 2.5 inches at 25 ft. Yet the device has to work when wet or dirty. Internal springs and force balances are used to cancel out any play.
Recoil energy is used to cycle the mechanisms and clear the empty casing while admitting a new round and placing it perfectly in the chamber within 200ms, every time. The trigger mechanism uses the operator’s applied mechanical energy (force through a distance) to cock and release the springs and firing pin. It is silently ready the instant the operator pulls the trigger – no “as-seen-on-TV” cocking needed.
A lot if engineering went into that device.

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Walther PPK, obviously.

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@LuckyGuy I have the keltek that started that whole mousegun craze. It took quite a but of polishing and a little gunsmithing to make it somewhat reliable.The ruger 380 LCP is the best example of those even if the design is a knock off. I shot a friends at the range and was instantly impressed. Perfect carry gun.

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@LuckyGuy: Absolutely, I get it. I am huge into aircraft carriers and naval planes for similar reasons — but I have no desire to go to war.

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If I had a side arm for personal protection, it would be a Walther PPK or S&W .38 Special revolver with 6” barrel. For plinking, ground squirrel hunting, just general fun, I use a Ruger .22 revolver with 6½” barrel.

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If I ever saw the need for a sidearm, it would be a Colt 9 mm. I actually did own one once, but ended up selling it in the early eighties. Because of my lifestyle choices I made at that time, owning a handgun posed more problems than it solved.

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@kritiper ever try one of the ruger markIII 22lr pistols. Funnest 22 pistol ever made.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me The Ruger markIII is a fine hand gun ,I prefer the browning buckmark 22LR over it.

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Never fired one, may need to check it out. A mark III was on my shopping list now that 22lr is mostly available again.

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Both my son in law and my daughter like the Glocks

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Maybe you should ask, what is your favorite carry handgun?
because the XP100 is not really a carry handgun, but for accuracy will out do any handgun mentioned in this question, and would like to see anyone argue against that claim.

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@SQUEEKY2 And let’s not forget the delivered energy! The 7BR packs a wallop.

OTOH I can probably throw an LCP a lot farther than an XP100.

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True but then again why would you want to? @LuckyGuy
We were hitting clay birds sitting on a bank at 200yards with the XP, and that was with iron sights,like to see any of the other hand guns here do that.

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I bought a Walther PPQ M2 last fall and love it.

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I’ve fired both a .22 and a shotgun, once, but my favourite hand gun would have to be a water pistol.

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I’m also quite fond of my Walther P22. After blue printing, I’ve been shooting it for NRA rockers. All I need is a sanctioned match to get my DE rocker. They have a reputation of being finicky about ammo, but after blue printing, it is a small concealable pocket pistol good for snakes rats and varmints.

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I owned a HK P9S 9mm for many years. it was a extremely ergonomic and accurate pistol. I always liked that pistol and the Colt 1911 in 45
acp. I am thinking really hard about getting a Sig Sauer P320 in 45
acp with the large grip frame to better fit my large hands.

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