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What would you gift to a guy turning 20?

Asked by silvermoon (753points) September 21st, 2010

My brother turns 20 next week & I havn’t yet brought anything for him. My orriginal idea was a MP3 Player though since mentioning this to Mum she has taken the idea (proberly better she get it anyway) however, im now stuck and have no idea what to get my little brother. Any ideas? Pref under $100 NZD.

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What are his hobbies?

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Money! Or a giftcard to iTunes or something so that he can download some tunes.
That way he can get whatever he wants.

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How about a music collection to go with his shiny new MP3 player?

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A fake ID that says he’s 21.

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@BoBo1946 He’s alla bout his computers, car brands and numbers.

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Tickets of a Rugby World Cup game, but since you said under $100.00, I’m not so sure. A DVD, or a gift card from The Warehouse.

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Don’t get a giftcard!!!! It’s as impersonal as cash without all the utility. For $100 you can’t get a car or a computer, but you can get a lot of numbers…

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Give him a $20 bill.

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Nice pair of jeans and a shirt, 20 year olds love looking good for the ladies.

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I 2nd the gifting of iTunes credits. Does your brother date? If so then give him a gift card for $75.00 to a restaurant you know or think he’d enjoy so he can treat his sweetie or a friend.

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@silvermoon those are tuff areas to find a gift..I would do the gift card !

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Thanks everyone. Actually found a piece of paper on the fridge with cd’s he wants but doesn’t have – might start there and maybe i’ll actually get somewhere lol

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cool…. like happy endings!

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The Golden Rule of gift giving:

“If you were paying enough attention you will realize that they already told you what they want.”

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