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What is the grandest way you have celebrated your birthday?

Asked by wundayatta (58722points) March 13th, 2011

Several of my friends over the years have rented a restaurant and hired a band and invited thirty to fifty friends and thrown a big bash for themselves. Tonight, for her 60th birthday, our host, who was also the guest of honor, read us some poems and then asked us to say some “tribute” or appreciation of her. It was a wonderful thing, although I thought it was awkward of her to ask us to do something in praise of her. Whatever.

I have never had any grand celebration of my birthday, and I don’t think I could ever ask people to say something about me. It’s way too self-aggrandizing for my taste. I’d be afraid that no one would say anything; even my wife (she hates public speaking). But I admire my friend for doing it.

So, what’s the grandest way you’ve ever celebrated your birthday?

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The Grandest birthday was my 3rd. My grandmother rounded up any kids of people she knew close to my age and had a few cousins brought in from around the state. I had about a dozen kids for an old fashioned party of fancy little dresses, fun hats, cake, jello, ice cream, records, little kids dancing together. So wonderful. As an adult the grandest birthdays involve Disneyland!

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Ok, I’m 68 years old now, so maybe I’m forgetting something, but this year I went to a beach resort for my birthday, and I enjoyed it very much.

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I had a pretty huge Bat Mitzvah – celebrating my 13th and also my “becoming a woman.” It was held at this old school diner that was rented out for events like this… we had about 180 guests, about 100 of which were friends from school. We had some games brought in (like basketball, and a photographer, and a buffet style candy and ice cream/desert bar. There is a traditional candle lighting for the cake where you (me) prepare and dedicate candles to 13 (I think) people. Then there was also a time where my friends read poems or speeches about me that the wrote, or presented me with an Aboslut bottle filled with water and fun things that reminded them of me… it was sealed with melted candles. This was pretty typical for where I grew up and my party was NOTHING compared many of the ones I attended. Quite frankly, I wish I was going to these kid’s weddings because I can’t imagine them being more grandiose than their parties they had when they were Bar/Bat Mitzvahed.

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I had a massive 3 keg pool party for my 21st birthday. It was fun… that’s all I’m going to say.

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planted a tree

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I got married on my 22nd birthday. Best way to celebrate ever. 25 years next week!!

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I slithered my way along the birth canal, eventually emerging from vagina central. Hello world, i’m here! Very grand entrance, without parallel I think you’ll find.

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Like @wundayatta “I have never had any grand celebration of my birthday”.
I could never ask for any kind of party or celebration. My husband has taken me out for dinner but that’s about it.

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I had my beautiful second son.

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I celebrate every birthday with my Grandmother.

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Both times someone has really tried to do surprise parties for me, they went horribly wrong.

First my mother. She really planned a lot for my sixteenth birthday. In fact, it seemed like she was totally ignoring my birthday. My dad took us out to dinner, they gave me a necklace and I did get a mustang (car, not pony). I started to think that those were very big presents, I didn’t need a party. Problem was, I started feeling sick at dinner. We got home, I ran past the crowd of friends and family and promptly vomited. I felt horrible, then realized that my back was itchy. I had chicken pox. She had to thank the guests, all 40 of them, and I went straight to bed.

Second time, it was my 33rd birthday, another surprise party. My husband had arranged for a private dining with friends at a nice restaurant. On the way out to dinner, I told him that we should just stay home. I had a headache that would not go away. We got there and I was pleasantly surprised to see my friends. I sat down and immediately felt sick. Two of my friends followed me to the bathroom, where I promptly vomited. I had to be hospitalized due to a migraine that would not go away. BLAH.

It was wonderful knowing that my family went through that trouble, even though I am sure I was a snot. My husband did a lot for my birthday, I felt horrible that I was sick.

We’ve decided no more surprise parties for me! :)

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I went to see Barbra Streisand for my 21st birthday and last year, for my 24th, I went to see Carmen at Covent Garden Opera House.

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My parents rented out the skating rink where I took lessons and invited all my little friends for a party there when I was turning 9 or 8 or 10… I don’t really remember. Despite the fact that I split the seam in my Jean skort that I loved, I had a great time =)

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I don’t celebrate my birthday. I find it self-centered, and only acceptable for anyone under 10 years old.
That said, the grandest party for my birthday was a surprise party when I turned 24. Dozens of friends were there, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I later spoke to the planners, and let them know how unhappy and uncomfortable I was with it.

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A weekend in New York City with my lover.

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With booze.

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I’m still waiting for a “grand” birthday. I have a summer birthday so I never had the fun school stuff of getting my locker decorated or bringing cupcakes to school. In college I was always far away from my friends, since we all went our separate ways for the summer.

But, on my 17th birthday I smoked weed for the first time and on my 18th I had sex for my second time (more fun than my first, obvs). On my 21st birthday I had a broken arm and physical therapy for it at 7:00 the next morning, so I didn’t go out. Here’s hoping that things will shape up this summer for my 23rd.

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@sliceswiththings On my 21st birthday, I was pregnant, so I couldn’t really “party down” like I was supposed to. =0)

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