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How to come up with an email address (or any other username, for that matter)?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) September 21st, 2010

How do you make one when you don’t want to use your name?
How do you come up with a word or words to capture your personality?
I like unusual words. What are your favorites (and tell me what they mean, please!)?
I don’t want to use ChocolateReigns, btw. I have my reasons.

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I use my initials with my post graduate degree @ my service

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You can use any name you want – it doesn’t have to be your given name. I have several which use yarnlady.

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I use words that have special meaning to me, but are difficult for anyone else to deconstruct. I have explained my names elsewhere, but it’s just a fun, creative process.

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I think of people I don’t like and then use their names.

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I just put things together that sound cute. My name on fluther though is a nickname I was given and use.

My favourite word is Exacerbate. It means to make things worse.

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Delirium is a sandman character. My usual username is a word connecting to her other form that I like the sound of.

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